Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sporting records are broken each four years at the Olympic games.

It wasn't that many years ago that one sporting achievement was declared 'an impossibility'.

Known simply as 'the Four-Minute-Mile'.

'No track athlete can run the mile (1,760 yards) in under four minutes!'. That was the decree of the so-called experts.

And for many years they were right. No runner ran a timed mile in less than four minutes.

That was until 1954 when a 25 year-old British medical student named Roger Bannister ran a mile in 3:59.4.

The 'impossible' had been achieved.

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Only two months later an Australian runner named John Landy joined Roger Bannister to also run the four-minute-mile while competing in the same race at the British Commonwealth Games in Canada.

In fact Bannister and Landy finished first and second respectively - both being timed as running the mile in less than four minutes.

- What Comes Next? -

In only the 10 years following 1954 another 336 runners had broken the four-minute mile!

What had changed in those ten short years?

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Something vitally important did change - but nothing of physical substance had changed at all.

The thoughts -- the belief of the runners had changed.

The runners had a brand new benchmark of ‘possibility thinking’ - and it was now being measured as less than four minutes.

The four-minute barrier is a metaphor for possible ‘barriers’ holding you back today.

Is your self-development progress being held back and restricted because of a false barrier of belief planted in your mind by an ‘expert’?

If so - why not make today the day that you choose to test it out.

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Today could very well be the beginning of your 'Roger Bannister Day'.

Your day to break down the barriers of the past.

'til next time,

Bradley Thompson, SelfDev Author
Self Development Network

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