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Every day, in every way

- “Every day, in every way ...” -

Who coined the mantra-like autosuggestion "Every day, in every way, I

am getting better and better"?

Answer A, B or C?

(a) Anthony Robbins

(c) Napoleon Hill

It was (a) French psychologist Emile Coué (1857 - 1926) who introduced

a method of psychotherapy, healing, and self-improvement, based on

autosuggestion or self-hypnosis.

He is remembered for his formula for curing health ailments by

optimistic autosuggestion. His teaching achieved a vogue in England

and the United States in the 1920s.

"Autosuggestion is an instrument that we possess at birth, and in

this instrument, or rather in this force, resides a marvellous

and incalculable power..." - Emile Coué

- The Coué Method -

The Coué method of autosuggestion centered on a routine repetition of

his particular self-suggestions for 15 minutes at the beginning and at

the end of each day.

Coué often worked with patients to build what we would call today,

their self-image or self-esteem.

He did this by utilizing his "Law of Concentrated Attention."

The Law of Concentrated Attention states that whenever attention is

concentrated on an idea over and over again, it spontaneously tends to

realize itself.

That's where "every day..." mantra came in.

Coué maintained that curing some of our troubles requires a change in

our subconscious/unconscious thinking, which can only be achieved by

using our imagination.

- 'Out of Sight Out of Mind' - 

The problem with using self-suggestion several times per day every day

is that you must be extremely motivated to remember to use it.

Without a prompter, trigger or device of some kind to assist

in 'forcing' you to apply the self-suggestions each day it is easy to

Before long a few days may pass and the entire concept can lose it's

It's a case of 'out of sight out of mind'.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to have an effective prompter,

trigger or device at hand to keep you on track.

Obtain the right self-suggestions pre-recorded on audio CD.

That is exactly why I was personally involved with the creation of our

Self-Suggestion Kit product The Self-Suggestion Kit.

By listening to my empowering messages for just a few minutes each

day, you’ll quickly begin to reprogram your mind – and enjoy positive

new behaviours in just a few days.

- Self-Suggestion: My Own View -

Self-Suggestion is the process of suggesting something to your mind,

over and over – allowing it to gradually "install" new, positive

behaviours in your life.

It’s based on the well-respected psychological principle "Programmed

Here is a very quick story.

I used self-suggestion to help me win a national television game show

(back in 1987).

The show was a general knowledge quiz show and the winning contestant

stood to win an overseas vacation for two with all expenses paid plus

spending money. Nice prize!

I prepared myself prior to going to the television studios for an

initial audition and eventually went on to win the episode in which I

was a contestant.

Every day and many times throughout the day prior to the show I would

repeat self-suggestions about being a confident contestant.

As I recall my self-suggestions, 'I will answer all quiz questions

quickly and correctly" and ‘I participate like a winning contestant’.

Since then I have used effective self-suggestions to overcome

obstacles and succeed in various endeavours.

You can use effective self-suggestion to fill your mind with positive

affirmations, essentially “reprogramming” the brain to achieve your

greatest goals.

Repeat enough, and they will eventually “sink in” and “rewrite” your

inner thought patterns.

Whether you want soaring confidence, success or more energy, self-
suggestion can help.

I will leave you with a quote:

'Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself' - W.

Clement-Stone, 20th century multi-millionaire and author of

books for developing a positive mental attitude (PMA).

The Self-Suggestion Kit

Bradley Thompson, SelfDev Author

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