Friday, April 11, 2014

Modern Hypnosis (Part Two)

The Father of Modern Hypnosis Says…(Part 2)

174 Instant Hypnosis Titles

Last week I introduced you to Dr Milton H. Erickson, the father of modern hypnosis.

If you missed Part One of this two part article click here to read it now.

We finished off Part One last week with the question you might be asking about the relevance
of Milton Erickson and your self-development plans which may include Instant Hypnosis programs.

‘Why does this have anything to do with my self-development?’

Back in the era of Erickson (1901 - 1980) is when the best ideas for hypnosis and even NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) as we know them today were birthed.

The Core Concepts

Many of the core concepts used in our very own Instant Hypnosis programs are based on proven Ericksonian style hypnosis theories and practice.

I want you to know there is a very real science behind hypnosis and it is the working foundation for all our Instant Hypnosis titles.

I should mention we have 15 different categories in the Instant Hypnosis suite of programs -- with over 170 single titles to choose from.

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The ‘Big Take-Away’

Ok. Time for the big 'take-away' return-on-investment you get for reading this article.

Read these next lines carefully....

Erickson maintained that it was not possible, consciously, to instruct the unconscious mind, and that authoritarian suggestions were likely to be met with resistance.

The unconscious mind responds to openings, opportunities, metaphors, symbols, and contradictions.

Effective hypnotic suggestion, then, should be "artfully vague", leaving space for the subject to fill in the gaps with their own unconscious understandings - even if they do not consciously grasp what is happening. (

Did you catch that…?

"... even if they do not consciously grasp what is happening".

Now I know for a fact that sometimes after a self-development session with your favourite Instant Hypnosis program you begin thinking -- 'is this really hypnosis -- is it even working?'.

I Feel - I Felt - I Found

How do I know you are thinking that sometimes? Because I've been there. I understand how you feel.

I felt the exact same way once. That was until I found out the truth in what Erickson is telling us.

When you take your favourite Instant Hypnosis CD title and play it at home or at the office your conscious mind (the alert, logical, analytical mind) does not need to understand what is taking place.

Yes, it seems counter intuitive. But it is far better to let your doubting thoughts simply pass on through than to let them take hold.

Allow them to come from wherever they come -- and let them go to wherever they are going without giving them lingering attention.

OK To Look - But Don’t Stare

It's ok to look at these thoughts - just don't stare.

The amazing thing about hypnosis is that all the 'good work' is being achieved below your conscious levels of awareness.

Behind the invisible analytical filter of the thinking mind.

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174 Instant Hypnosis Titles

Conscious Confidence

Use your Instant Hypnotic programs with conscious confidence.

Yes, indeed.

Do not let those doubting thoughts take a hold during or after your personal Instant Hypnosis sessions.

If you cannot hear it from me then hear it from the doctor -- Dr. Milton H. Erickson who says hypnosis works!

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Believe it!

Bradley Thompson
Self Dev Specialist

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