Thursday, December 05, 2013

How to Look and Feel Amazing

If life's daily demands are zapping your energy and natural radiance, focus on enhancing your well-being one thought at a time.

Here's how to look and feel absolutely amazing...

* Watch your thoughts. They are powerful and life-changing. If you think you look and feel tired, that's the reality you're creating. Focus on increasing your 'feel good thoughts'. Choose a positive affirmation such as 'I look and feel fabulous' and believe it to be so. Repeat the affirmation often.

* Check your diet and fluid intake. Are your meals nutritious and full of high energy natural fruits and vegetables? Are you drinking adequate amounts of water? A balanced and healthy diet is key to exuding radiance and a constant supply of 'get up and go'. Give more consideration to how you fuel your mind and body.

* Zap tension and stress with a daily dose of exercise. Try something dynamic like yoga, dance, or kickboxing. It will increase your circulation, improve your oxygen levels, and release those important feel-good hormones that will make you glow.

* Treat yourself to a make-over. Wear colours that complement you. Choose a new outfit or hairstyle. When you focus on looking your best, you'll instantly feel uplifted.

* Have a regular aromatherapy massage. The essential oils will stimulate your senses, improve your mood, and the whole treatment is beneficial to your health and well-being.

* Smile more. When you smile and tune in with your innate happiness, you exude a natural radiance and air of confidence that is appealing and care-free.

Remember that how you look and feel reveals so much about how you're living your life. Are you living the life you love? If not, change it so that you do.

Want some extra help to look and feel amazing? Explore the Five Rituals and increase your youthful vitality!

Make it a priority to invest in your well-being every day. You are so worth it!

Today's Thought:

'I believe that how you feel is very important to how you look - that healthy equals beautiful.'-Victoria Principal
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