Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Secrets of Your Dreams

When you wake each day, do you remember your dreams?

Do you recall the adventures and insights playing out while you sleep?

When you tap into your dream-time, you have the ability to enrich your life in the most amazing way. Here's why...

Dreams reveal insights and secrets about life's journey. When you're able to experience lucid dreaming, and consciously control and recall the events in your dreams, you are able to return with wisdom that can prove beneficial in multiple ways.

People who master lucid dreaming often become more imaginative, more abundant, more successful, and more at ease with life's journey. Lucid dreaming gives you access to a life of fulfilment.

Wonderful, right? But how do you learn to control your dreams? How do you go about remembering the adventures that play-out in dream-scape?

First, you need to be more conscious about your sleeping patterns. It takes practice and focus to become mindful of your dreams in order to achieve the awareness needed to experience lucid dreaming.

This involves creating a new sleep routine - one where you still experience a restorative sleep, but are able to tune into your dream-time with complete awareness. By consistently preparing yourself each time you sleep, with the expectation of dreaming lucidly, you re-wire your mind to tune into your dreams.

Need guidance? If so, you'll find The Lucid Dreaming Kit invaluable. It will show you how to become the true architect of your dreams so that you can experience the most incredible adventures in all areas of your life - while sleeping and awake!

So, where are your dreams taking you or, more appropriately, where are you taking your dreams?

Today's Quote:

'You have to dream before your dreams can come true.' -Abdul Kalam

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