Thursday, November 07, 2013

Slow Down and Live More!

Feel like time is passing by far too quickly?

Are you racing around trying to fit everything into your busy life?

Do you feel like you're doing too much but seem to have little to show for it?

If you feel like you're spinning out of control on a hamster wheel, maybe it's time to slow things down. Here's how...

* Take a day off. Your world won't collapse if you do.

* Do a life audit. Perhaps you're carrying too much responsibility or trying to achieve too many things at once. Clear away what is weighing you down.

* Sit on a park bench for a while and watch the world go by. It's okay to be still. Embrace the stillness within you. Enjoy bringing in more still moments into your day.

* Remember, you are a human 'being' and not a human 'doing'. Make time to just be, and be satisfied with that.

* Connect with nature on a regular basis. When you take a walk in the woods or trek along the hills or go barefoot on a sandy beach or sit by a lake, you'll feel more expansive and more alive. Be there - often!

* Whenever your thoughts start racing, just breathe. Focus on your breathing and with each breath, slow your thoughts.

* Switch on a Relaxation CD. Be mindful of where you are moment by moment by moment.

* Make time to disconnect from your phone, computer, or anything that keeps you plugged-in and wired.

* Do less and remove the clutter from your life. Slowing down and enjoying life is a conscious choice. It's up to you!

Live is for living and you'll experience the joys of life more when you slow down.

Embrace slow living. Start right now. You'll love it!

Today's Quote:

'The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.' - Moliere

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