Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Quick Guide to Manifesting Money

Are You Attracting Poverty or Prosperity?

Do you feel financially empowered or financially limited?

If you want to improve your wealth, start by improving your relationship with money. Here's how...

* Let go of old, redundant, fear-based beliefs about money. Create new positive beliefs. See money as an abundant resource that can be used in a life-enhancing way.

* Recognize that money is energy. It's simply a currency that flows. There's no need to grasp or hoard it. There is always enough to go round. It is abundant and ever-flowing. Make this your belief.

* Watch your self-talk as you go about your day. Drop words such as lack, hardship, and poverty from your dialogue and focus on abundance, ease, and prosperity. Your thoughts and words are powerful so be careful what you wish for.

* See yourself as a wealthy individual, capable of attracting good fortune in all areas of your life.

* Practice gratitude for all that you have and willingly share your adundance. Doing so magically creates even more wealth.

* Realize your self-worth. You are an amazing individual, capable and worthy of prosperity. This is the truth so be empowered.

* Believe you are a money magnet, and keep on believing that you are abundant, and this will become your reality.

Remember... you attract what you give attention to, so focus on prosperity.

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Today's quote:

'Do what you love and the money will follow.' -Marsha Sinetar

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