Thursday, September 05, 2013

Time for a Life Review?

Life is often busy with its endless routines - so much so that we lose connection with what really matters.

When goals and passions are neglected, it's so easy to fall into a rut without even realizing it.

If life currently lacks excitement and sparkle, maybe it's time to take a life review. Here's how...

# Slow down! Take time out of your usual routine. Visit a cafe, sit back, and watch life pass by - just for an hour or so. Notice how you feel. Are you happy? Are you doing what you want to do? Or do you feel that life is passing you by?

# Consider if your original goals and passions and interests have changed. Life isn't meant to be static. Things change. Feelings change. Perhaps it's time to explore something new.

# What excites you? What ideas make you tingle with anticipation? What do you really want to do? Make a note - make an entire list, if necessary, and explore the 'hows and whens'. How can you make it happen? When?

# Do you jump out of bed each morning with enthusiasm and joyful outlook for your day? If not, then maybe it's time to take a different path, explore a different map, make a new choice.

Life has far too much to offer so why be stuck in a rut? If you're feeling blocked, consider if you are holding yourself back. Change your thoughts and you change your reality.

Review your life's journey on a regular basis. Check in with how you feel. Make changes, where needed, and seize the day. Life is too short to waste.

Today's quote:

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.' - Dalai Lama

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