Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sleeping Well?

Lack of quality sleep can be a big problem. It affects your mood, health, energy levels, and ability to concentrate as you go about your day.

So, how can you make sure you get a good night's sleep every night? Here are some essential tips...

# Establish a good sleep routine, and stick to it. Aim to go to sleep at a similar time every night.

# Avoid eating or drinking too late at night. If your body is busy digesting and processing food and drink when you go to bed, it will affect the quality of your sleep.

# Wind down before you sleep. Let go of the day's issues and worries. Read a book for a while or listen to some relaxing music or nature sounds.

# Switch off your mobile phone, computer and television. If possible, remove these from your bedroom. All those electrical frequencies will keep you 'plugged in' and will impact your sleep.

# Make sure your room is well ventilated. If possible, sleep with the window slightly (and securely) open so that fresh air can circulate.

# Bathe in soothing, relaxing essential oils before you go to bed. Just a few drops of lavender will help you relax.

# Before your head hits the pillow, make sure you're cosy and comfortable. Check the room temperature is okay.

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Also, make sure there are no underlying health or emotional issues that are causing you sleep problems. In particular, stress can have an impact on sleep so if you suspect this is the case, see your health practitioner and get the additional support you need.

Sleep well and sweet dreams!

Today's quote:

'A well-spent day brings happy sleep.' -Leonardo da Vinci
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

6 Ways to Shift Your Bad Mood

Are you in a foul, negative mood today?

Feeling annoyed, sad, useless or just plain cranky?

Here are six ways you can shift yourself out of a bad mood and feel better...

1# Whether there is a reason for feeling like you do right now or you can't quite understand why you're feeling this way, just see the emotion for what it is... energy in motion moving through. When you're aware of it, you can change the way you feel.

2# Switch to fun and frivolous mode. It may seem like too much of an effort if you're feeling low, but if you do something fun and frivolous, your mood starts to shift dramatically. You know what makes you chuckle or brings a smile to your heart so do whatever works for you. Watch a funny movie, listen to music that makes you smile or feel good, be around uplifting people, dance in a crazy way (whether people are watching or not), and just take the non-serious approach to living for a while.

3# Realize you have a choice. If you want to wallow in a negative mood, you can do. Wallow away! But life is so much better when you choose to feel positive. You'll have much more energy and joy for life. And, it's a wonderful energy to share. Let the sunshine in!

4# Be present! Often, when we're in a bad mood, we are thinking about what has passed or fearing about what may come in the future. Bring your attention to where you are now. See all the wonderful possibilities in this present moment.

5# Practice gratitude. Be thankful for your life and the simple everyday heart-warming things that nurture you. Make a list of all that you have that you are grateful for. It's always much more than you realize and is a wonderful way of feeling more positive.

6# Do something kind for someone else. Do it anonymously. Do it from your heart. When we give without expectation, our energy expands and transforms. When you see or think how your kindness can transform someone's life for the better, you can't help feel better in your mood.

Do you need a little help to resolve old thought-forms, habits or emotions? Take a look at NLP or Self-Suggestion as useful tools.

Be awesome! Be positive!

Today's Quote:

'It is hardly possible to build anything if frustration, bitterness and a mood of helplessness prevail.' - Lech Walesa
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Follow Your Bliss

Are you making space in your life for joy?

Are you doing what your heart seriously yearns for?

If not, why not? The way to create a memorable and happy life is to follow your bliss, but first let go of all the obstacles in your path. Here's how...

# Do you feel selfish for thinking about putting your own happiness first? Maybe you've grown with the belief that you should sacrifice your own happiness for someone or something else? Realize that when you stride out to live a joyful life, doing what you love, you have more to give other people and other causes because you have greater personal joy and fulfilment. That is definitely a win-win for all sides!

# Are you afraid of doing the things that bring you happiness? Perhaps the prospect of change is scary. Perhaps doing what you love requires you to step up, do things that feel abit uncomfortable for a while, or seem challenging. You know the saying: face your fear and do it anyway. Try it. You'll feel awesome!

# Don't think you have time to do what you love? Well, that's just a limiting belief. Time is more flexible than we realize. Re-organize your day. Make what you love a priority. If it's really what you want, you'll make time for it.

# Not really sure what makes you feel blissful? Tune in with yourself. What fills you with joy? What would make you leap out of bed in the morning? What do you dream about? If you really don't know what makes your heart sing, perhaps you haven't found it yet. Explore! Test yourself. Jump out of those comfort zones.

# Are you procrastinating? It's easy to put off your dreams until tomorrow, but you're also putting off your innate need for joy. Following your bliss requires effort, commitment, change, and elements of the unknown. As soon as you start the journey, you begin to live - and I mean REALLY live!

What is holding you back from living a life of joy? Are you sabotaging your happiness? When you let go of the obstacles and limitations, you are free to travel into the adventure of living.

So, what are you waiting for?

Follow your bliss and live joyfully.

Today's quote:

'Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.' - Joseph Campbell
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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Time for a Life Review?

Life is often busy with its endless routines - so much so that we lose connection with what really matters.

When goals and passions are neglected, it's so easy to fall into a rut without even realizing it.

If life currently lacks excitement and sparkle, maybe it's time to take a life review. Here's how...

# Slow down! Take time out of your usual routine. Visit a cafe, sit back, and watch life pass by - just for an hour or so. Notice how you feel. Are you happy? Are you doing what you want to do? Or do you feel that life is passing you by?

# Consider if your original goals and passions and interests have changed. Life isn't meant to be static. Things change. Feelings change. Perhaps it's time to explore something new.

# What excites you? What ideas make you tingle with anticipation? What do you really want to do? Make a note - make an entire list, if necessary, and explore the 'hows and whens'. How can you make it happen? When?

# Do you jump out of bed each morning with enthusiasm and joyful outlook for your day? If not, then maybe it's time to take a different path, explore a different map, make a new choice.

Life has far too much to offer so why be stuck in a rut? If you're feeling blocked, consider if you are holding yourself back. Change your thoughts and you change your reality.

Review your life's journey on a regular basis. Check in with how you feel. Make changes, where needed, and seize the day. Life is too short to waste.

Today's quote:

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.' - Dalai Lama
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