Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trust Your Intuition

In a world full of possibilities, it's often a challenge to know what decisions to make that are for the best.

How do you discern from good or bad? How do you choose?

If you find making good choices a struggle, why not call upon your intuition? Here's how...

# Notice how you feel rather than what you think. How do you feel about what you're considering? How does a decision or possible outcome resonate with you? When you start noticing how you feel, you engage your intuitive self and will learn to distinguish what 'feels' right.

# Meditate more! When you meditate, you connect to your inner wisdom. When you let go of the constant chatter and noise, it's easier to tune into what really matters.

# Be open-minded. Accept the logic, but allow some creative thinking. The world is full of strange and often magical events and possibilities. When you are open to this notion, you allow your inner wisdom room to expand.

# Look for signs and synchronicity. When you're trying to make a decision, signposts often appear. The forces of the universe do work in mysterious ways!

# Develop your extra-sensory abilities. We all possess psychic gifts. Many have just forgotten how to use them. Focus on strengthening your natural abilities.

Of course, whatever choices you make in life are ultimately right and for your highest good, but it's really useful to call upon your intuition whenever needed. It can make life easier and bring some amazing results.

Have a wonderful day!

Today's quote:

'The only real valuable thing is intuition.' - Albert Einstein

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