Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seven Ways to Lift Your Mood

Are you feeling low and world-weary right now?

Would you like to put the joy back into your life?

If the business of 'living' has zapped your mood, take on-board the following suggestions that are guaranteed to lift your spirits...

#1 Spend 10 minutes a day dancing to your favourite, up-beat music. Can't dance? It doesn't matter. Just do freestyle and go with the flow. The exercise will boost your circulation and release those feel-good hormones to provide an instant pick-me-up!

#2 Nourish yourself. Start the day with an energising, healthy breakfast. It's surprising how many people skip breakfast or consume sugar-laden cereals. Try eating fruit or porridge oats. An organic fruit smoothie or juice will make you feel good and help you maintain a joyful mood.

#3 Hang-out with positive, uplifting, happy people. When you're in a positive atmosphere, you'll soak up those joyful and inspiring vibrations. Be prepared, though, to let-go of your low mood or any negative stuff that you're holding on to. You're with those uplifting, happy people to embrace and share the feel-good factor and not to bring everyone else's mood crashing down.

#4 Send yourself chocolates and flowers or treat yourself to a DVD or dinner at a great restaurant. Regular gifts to self are proven to be a good mood-booster, and you are so worthy of treats!

#5 Create a folder of funny, inspiring, and happy photographs, quotes, and video clips to dip-into whenever you're feeling low.

#6 Be creative. Write, sketch, paint, or make something. When you're focused on being creative, you immerse yourself in the activity and often forget about your low mood.

#7 Spend time with nature. Take a walk in the park. Sit beneath a tree. Just enjoy being out in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful landscape. Time out with nature is proven to boost your mood naturally. Just relax, and let flow!

If you're struggling to find your deep sense of joy or if your mood is often low, take the Happiness Now course, and discover a whole new outlook on life.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your day!

Today's quote:

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.' -Dalai Lama

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