Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Find Peace in a Busy World

Do you feel life is one big rush from the moment you wake up?

Are you struggling to find time for yourself?

Time to relax is absolutely vital for health and well-being so here's my guide to finding peace in your day...

# Do a life audit! Reflect on how you spend your time each day and let go of the 'stuff' that isn't really important. This might free-up an hour or two. Use this free time wisely. Relax!

# Get organised! De-clutter your work-space as well as your mind. Life flows easier when there are fewer obstacles.

# Don't be a slave to your self and your schedules. Know that taking a break is healthy and revitalizing. Get into the good habit of making time to relax.

# Say 'No!' more if saying 'yes' means over-committing yourself. If you're too busy, how can you possibly find time to enjoy life?

# Feeling the pressure? Take a walk in the park. Being around nature is healing, and walking boosts the circulation of feel-good hormones, which help counteract stress.

# Learn to breathe properly. When you focus on correct breathing, you can use it to find a sense of deep peace even in the most challenging situations.

# Stop worrying about the past and the future. What's done is done, and the future hasn't even been written. Settle in the moment because that's all that really matters.

Finding peace in a busy world is really your choice. You can allow life's activities to rule you or you can make space each day to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.

What do you choose?

Enjoy your day!

Today's quote:

'Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Seven Ways to Lift Your Mood

Are you feeling low and world-weary right now?

Would you like to put the joy back into your life?

If the business of 'living' has zapped your mood, take on-board the following suggestions that are guaranteed to lift your spirits...

#1 Spend 10 minutes a day dancing to your favourite, up-beat music. Can't dance? It doesn't matter. Just do freestyle and go with the flow. The exercise will boost your circulation and release those feel-good hormones to provide an instant pick-me-up!

#2 Nourish yourself. Start the day with an energising, healthy breakfast. It's surprising how many people skip breakfast or consume sugar-laden cereals. Try eating fruit or porridge oats. An organic fruit smoothie or juice will make you feel good and help you maintain a joyful mood.

#3 Hang-out with positive, uplifting, happy people. When you're in a positive atmosphere, you'll soak up those joyful and inspiring vibrations. Be prepared, though, to let-go of your low mood or any negative stuff that you're holding on to. You're with those uplifting, happy people to embrace and share the feel-good factor and not to bring everyone else's mood crashing down.

#4 Send yourself chocolates and flowers or treat yourself to a DVD or dinner at a great restaurant. Regular gifts to self are proven to be a good mood-booster, and you are so worthy of treats!

#5 Create a folder of funny, inspiring, and happy photographs, quotes, and video clips to dip-into whenever you're feeling low.

#6 Be creative. Write, sketch, paint, or make something. When you're focused on being creative, you immerse yourself in the activity and often forget about your low mood.

#7 Spend time with nature. Take a walk in the park. Sit beneath a tree. Just enjoy being out in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful landscape. Time out with nature is proven to boost your mood naturally. Just relax, and let flow!

If you're struggling to find your deep sense of joy or if your mood is often low, take the Happiness Now course, and discover a whole new outlook on life.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your day!

Today's quote:

'Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.' -Dalai Lama
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beat Obsession

Do you have an obsession?

Maybe you feel compelled to constantly check you've locked your door when you go out or maybe you won't even venture outside without first checking your horoscope.

Perhaps you're obsessed with money, gambling, food, success or the way you look.

Whatever it is, obsession steals your time, your joy, and your capacity to live carefree. It probably makes you want to scream with frustration. If this sounds sadly familiar, then here's what you do...

The first step to beating OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dsorder) is to recognize that you have a problem. For example, checking you've turned off the gas after you've cooked a meal is a perfectly normal and responsible thing to do. Checking many times (just to be sure) or constantly threating about whether you have or you haven't so that it ruins your day generally points to obsessive thought and behaviour.

Most obsessive tendancies are created through fear so work out what it is you're afraid of. Once you know what it is that frightens you, it's then possible to take a rational viewpoint so you can change the way you think and react to your fears.

To release an obsession, you have to let go of the thoughts that create the behaviour. Change your self-talk and use positive affirmations.

If you let it, obsessive thoughts and habits can steal your time and consume your life. Realize that YOU CAN beat your obsession as soon as you decide to take action.

Need support? Take a look at Stop OCD.

Get rid of your unwanted obsessions for good. Once you do, you can live your life and be free!

Today's quote:

"I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free." - Nikos Kazantzakis
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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Are You In The Mood?

Moods are constantly in motion and ever-changing, somewhat like the weather. When you're in a good mood, anything feels possible. Your world is a happier place. But, when your mood is low or troubled, your whole life feels like it's out of synch.

So, how do you go about maintaining a vibrant, happy mood most of the time? Read on to find out...

First, recognise that your mood is a response to your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to all the stuff that happens in your life. When you accept that you are the creator of your mood, you realize that you can do something about it!

If your moods fluctuate wildly or you're often in a low or bad mood, reflect on what is causing you to feel like this. The root cause of your negative moods could be that you're not happy about something in your life, or there is unresolved emotional conflicts, or you're at odds with yourself (low self-esteem or lack of confidence).

Fluctuating moods, often experienced by people who are hyper-sensitive, can often be caused by dietary or environmental factors.

Do some research! Find out what is causing or contributing to your emotional state and then make some changes in your life.

Even if you find that your low mood is caused by a health imbalance or hypersensitivity, there is a lot you can do to foster a happier equilibrium.

For example:
* make time to nurture yourself each day.
*Ensure that your diet is healthy and suited to your nutritional needs.
*Drink adequate amounts of mineral water.
*Exercise often to stay healthy and enhance the circulation of those 'feel-good' hormones.
*Get into a good sleep habit and ensure you have adequate rest when you need it.
*Make time to have fun by doing something you love. Treat yourself daily to something that makes you feel good.

Struggling to maintain a good mood? Try Binaural Beats. These recordings use specially generated sounds to alter your brainwaves, allowing you to quickly and easily enter states of creativity, relaxation, and enhanced mood!

Once you start taking action to enhance the way you feel, your world will become a happier place.

Enjoy your day!

Today's quote:

'I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are.' - Diane von Furstenberg
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