Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Maintain a Good Habit

So, you've finally broken those bad habits (did you read my previous post?) and have kicked out that old, redundant program that was running your life.

Now's the time to focus on sticking to good habits to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Here's how...

# Establish an achievable and efficient routine - one that makes it easy to maintain those good, life-enhancing habits.

# Make time for your habit, whether it's twice-daily flossing to maintain your teeth health or learning basic cords so that you can play guitar. Dedicate time to the task.

# Accept that what you're aiming to achieve must be done little-by-little or step-by-step. Focus on the quality of what you're doing in the moment rather than being impatient for immediate results.

# Be mindful of your thoughts. It's far too easy to give up if you're feeling tired or a little discouraged. Let negative thoughts go. They do not serve you.

# Share your good habit. Tell the world! It's far more difficult to give up a good habit when the world knows your intentions.

# Enjoy what you're doing. Focus on the benefits of what you're aiming to achieve. Choose a positive outlook and be at peace with the life-enhancing habits you are creating.

Need some support? Well, maybe you can help yourself through self-suggestion and watching your self-talk.

If you can stick to a habit, you can do just about anything. You can set yourself any goal and make it happen. What an amazing thought!

Today's quote:

'Quality is not an act, it is a habit.' - Aristotle

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