Thursday, December 06, 2012

Celebrate the Wonderful You!

Are you always comparing yourself with other people?

Do you wish you were more attractive, outgoing, and successful?

Do you hone in on all the negative things you perceive about yourself rather than see the good points?

If you're struggling to recognize the amazing individual that you already are, read on...

Focus on these truths...

# When we stand in our own light (instead of someone else's), we begin to shine.

# When we focus on our gifts rather than what we lack, we become empowered as well as abundant.

# When we practice self-acceptance, embracing our perceived oddities and quirks, we grow in our confidence.

# When we throw out all those limiting thoughts that hold us back from embracing opportunity (thoughts such as I'm not as good as her, I'm not beautiful enough, I'm not intelligent enough, I'm not special enough, etc), life begins to flow beautifully.

# When we cherish and nurture ourselves, we bloom.

Focus on all your good points. Choose to see the positive. Improve your outlook.

Life is an amazing experience and a wonderful opportunity to really shine your light in this world. So, why waste this opportunity by focusing on your perceived faults and failings?

Recognize the sparkling, wonderful, beautiful being that you are and celebrate your unique presence on life's journey.

You are amazing. Don't ever forget it!

Today's Quote:

“Find yourself and express yourself in your own particular way. Express your love openly.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

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