Thursday, November 01, 2012

Six Instant Confidence Boosters

Feeling shy and unsure of yourself?

Wish you could exude an inspiring self-confidence to succeed in life?

If you're naturally introverted or have low self-esteem, try these instant confidence boosters...

1# Adopt a confident posture. Your body language speaks volumes and can reveal a lot about you before you even say a word! Focus on standing and walking tall. Keep your head held high and shoulders relaxed.

2# Focus on your breathing. Breathe slower and deeper. With each breath, let go of any insecurities and breathe in a calm and balanced sense of being.

3# Listen to inspiring, feel-good music. Find six tracks that make you feel happy and super-confident and play those tracks on repeat when you need an extra confidence boost.

4# Visualize yourself as a calm, capable, and confident individual. Believe in yourself. You already ARE the person you want to be!

5# Look sharp! Wear clothes that make you feel and look good. Have your hair cut and styled. When you feel and look like a million dollars, you will exude greater confidence and self-esteem.

6# Smile! When you smile with genuine warmth and sincerity as you go about your day, you'll relax and feel much better about yourself and the world.

Use these simple strategies whenever you need an extra confidence boost. If lack of confidence is holding you back, take a look at Extrovert Me and discover how you can become the life of the party!

Have an amazing day!

Today's quote:

'Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.'- Norman Vincent Peale

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