Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Improve Your Relationships

Tired of arguments, petty quarrels, and relationships that drain your energy?

Want to improve the relationship you have with your partner, family, friends, and work colleagues? Here's how...

First of all, look within!

# Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want to be respected, be respectful. If you want to be heard, listen. If you want to be treated fairly and with kindness, be fair and kind. If you want to be loved unconditionally, love unconditionally. If you wish for positive, uplifting relationships, be positive and uplifting.

# Stop trying to control. When you try to control a person, situation, event or outcome, you create tension and angst - mostly for yourself. Go with the flow. Just be. When you stop trying to control, life flows and you experience increased happiness and harmony.

# Focus on the positive. When you have a positive and uplifting outlook on life, you attract positive and uplifting relationships.

# Adopt a gratitude attitude. Relationships flourish when they are treated with kindness, consideration, and gratitude.

# Listen and Learn. Don't dominate conversations. Let the other person speak and, more importantly, listen to what they have to say. Be supportive and give encouragement.

# Don't be judgemental. No one is perfect. Everyone is on a journey just like you.

# Take responsibility for your happiness. It's not up to someone else to make you happy. Being with other people can bring joy and contribute towards happy experiences, but you - and only you - are responsible for your happiness.

#Exude a quiet confidence. Work on your self-esteem so you can speak up for yourself when necessary.

# Are you communicating in the most effective way? Notice your body language and your tone of conversation. Notice how people react to you.

# Some people have 'off days' so allow for that by reacting in a calm, sensible and tolerant way.

# Smile. Focus on the fun aspect of your relationships - don't take life too seriously.

Finally, know when to let go. If you can place hand on heart, knowing you've done everything you can to improve a relationship without success, then accept that's the way it is.

Focus your attention on people who raise your energy levels and who are good to be with.

When you've done the inner work, you'll start attracting healthy and happy relationships.

Today's quote:

'Every good relationship, especially marriage, is based on respect. If it's not based on respect, nothing that appears to be good will last very long.' - Amy Grant

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