Saturday, March 08, 2014

7 Ways to Beat Life's Challenges

When life feels frantic and you're struggling to keep up, the best thing you can do is step off the treadmill for a while. Here are seven effective ways to overcome life's challenges...

#1 Breathe! Yes, you're doing that right now, but how often do you focus on the quality of your in and out breath? When stressed, we tend to breathe quick and shallow and don't inhale enough revitalizing oxygen. Take time out of your day to breathe properly. Not only will it enhance your health and sense of well-being, you'll also feel calm and ready to face your day.

#2 Take a walk. Exercise is a good way of switching off and letting go of the day's tensions. You don't need a formal gym program. Just make time for a daily quick-paced walk. It's a great way to unwind - especially if you're walking in nature - and it will help clear your mind.

#3 Make sure you're having enough quality sleep. Adequate sleep is restorative and important for maintaining peace of mind. Get into a good sleep routine so that you wake up each day feeling full of vitality.

#4 Let go of your worries. At day's end, leave all your troubled thoughts at your front door. Don't bring them into your home or relaxation space. Just let them go for a while. You might even find that when you go out the next day, those worries are no longer there.

#5 Meditate! It's scientifically proven that regular meditation calms and focuses the mind so that you are able to think with greater clarity and cope better with whatever life presents. Take a meditation program and make time for regular practice.

#6 Laugh! Sometimes, the best way to tackle life's difficulties is through good and appropriate humor. Look on the bright side. Use fun and laughter, when it feels right to do so, as a mechanism for creating solutions or helping you through problems. Having a light-hearted perspective can sometimes erode life's challenges and make them surmountable.

#7 Release limiting thoughts. Often, our own thoughts make life's difficulties more complex than they are. Are you holding yourself back from finding solutions? Are your thoughts, born out of fear, lack of confidence, or negativity, restricting you from embracing life? Change your way of thinking and you change your world!

You have what it takes to move beyond difficulties in a calm and effective way.

Remember, you are truly awesome!

Today's quote:

'Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.' -Anaïs Nin

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