Thursday, July 12, 2012

Six Natural Ways to Increase Vitality

Do you feel tired and listless?

Are you struggling to find the energy to enjoy life?

If so, here are six effective ways to boost your vitality naturally...

1# Eat for energy
Your food is your fuel so it's important to eat the best quality nutrient-packed food to boost your vitality levels. Take a look at your diet. Can you improve it? Choose to consume a variety of natural fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts, grains, and pulses. Choose organic produce where possible. Listen to your body and note how you feel after each meal. Is your food increasing your energy levels? Eat little and often. If you're hungry between meals, drink a nutrient-rich smoothie or eat a power snack of raisins or berries with a little raw chocolate.

2# Take a power walk
If you're feeling sluggish, take a 10 minute power walk to boost your circulation. Stride out and get some fresh air into your lungs. This helps to increase your body's oxygen levels so that you feel more vital and awake. It will also give you an instant lift. Alternatively, dance, swim, or cycle. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Move those muscles and feel re-energized!

3# Do the Five Rituals
Tap into this ancient ritual. Not only will you gain more energy, you'll also feel and look younger!

4# Increase vitality with water
Make sure you drink a few glasses of water each day to maintain good health and keep your body hydrated. Your body functions much better when it has enough fluids so don't neglect your water intake. Also, use water to wake you up. Have an invigorating shower. Dance in the rain or go for a swim.

5# Watch your thoughts
What you think contributes to the way you feel. If your thoughts are negative, you'll notice a drop in your energy levels. Negative thinking tends to steal your vitality so be more mindful of your thoughts and how they impact your day. Think positive. Choose to see the world from an optimistic perspective. Your thoughts make a difference.

6# Improve your life-work balance
Sometimes, tiredness is simply the result of doing too much. The best way to have plenty of energy to enjoy life is to focus on a better life-work balance. Consider your priorities and re-organise your day so that you have enough time and energy to do what's necessary. Let go of things or routines that do not serve you. Remember the maxims 'less is more' and 'everything in moderation'.

When you embrace these six ways, you will quickly notice a significant improvement in your energy levels.

Your vitality is key to enjoying life so focus on boosting your energy naturally. Invest in your health and be mindful of your thoughts. What you choose makes a difference.

Today's quote:

'Be not be afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.' -Chinese Proverb

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