Thursday, June 28, 2012

Six Steps to Success

Wondering how to bring your dream into reality?

Looking for a road map to achieve your dream life?

Want to know what works for other dream achievers?

Take a look at these six important steps to creating success ...

1# Know what you want to achieve!
This sounds like simple logic, but many people don't really know what it is they want to do. Start your journey to success by having a clear idea of what you wish to achieve. Not sure what you want to do? Well, consider your talents, skills, experiences, interests, and expertise. What can you call on? Here's a tip: do something that you're passionate about. It's much easier to achieve success when you're doing something you enjoy. So, know what you want, and then move on to the next step ...

2# Plan and Set Goals!
To bring success into reality, you need to have a great plan. This is your road map to success. How can you reach your destination if you don't know the route? Set yourself firm, achievable goals. Unless you reach a road block, stick to your plan. Remember this: there are often many ways to get round some obstacles. Keep this in mind as you travel on the road to success.

3# Show Up and Keep Moving!
Results follow action, so show up, do the work, and keep moving. Act on your ideas and intentions. Explore and experiment to see what works. It takes time, but aim to do something every day that will move you closer to success.

4# Learn As You Go!
Draw on your skills, experiences, resources, and expertise, but be open to learning new things that will help you achieve success. It's what you learn on the journey that really counts.

5# Forge Positive Connections!
Surround yourself with positive, successful people who are interested in what you are doing. Don't be shy! Your connections will provide encouragement, support, and inspiration.

6# Believe!
The main ingredient in the recipe for success is belief. You need to believe in yourself and what you're doing. You need to believe you can succeed before you can expect anyone else to believe in you. So, set out on your journey believing you'll reach your destination and believing you'll achieve your dreams!

Struggling with self-confidence or negativity? Invest in yourself to make sure you have the best possible chance of success.

Create your dream life. Be successful! You CAN do it, and you can start right now!

Today's quote:

'Exert your talents, and distinguish yourself, and don't think of retiring from the world, until the world will be sorry that you retire.' - Samuel Johnson

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