Thursday, June 07, 2012

How to Make Decisions with Ease

Do you take forever to make a decision?

Do you worry about the choices you make and often regret them once they're made?

Decision-making -even on random everyday activities such as choosing a pair of shoes or deciding what to have for dinner - can sometimes be a real pain. So, how can you make choices that are effortless and joyful? Here's what you do ...

You start by realizing that there is no right or wrong choice; there is only experience.

When you look at the results of your decision-making as a series of life-enriching experiences, whatever route they take you on, you'll recognize the value of whatever comes your way.

Yes, do your homework. Make informed decisions. Tune into your intuition. Take the opportunity to learn what's important to you so that choices are made from a place of wisdom. However, do so in a way that doesn't eat up your precious time. And do so without worrying about the choices you make.

Life's too short to dilly-dally. If you spend most of your time wondering about what decisions to make and worrying about the consequences, you're not enjoying the gifts of the present.

So, reflect on what choices you're holding back on making. What decisions have you been putting off that you need to make? What are you frightened of?

Perhaps there is some old, redundant belief system that is holding you back? If so, manifest easy decision-making using self-suggestion.

Choose today as being THE DAY you make decisions with ease. Feel the weight of the world lift away as you finally make a choice.

Accept the results of the choices you make as valuable experiences, no matter what.

Recognize yourself as a 'work in progress' and that every decision you make helps you on life's path.

Have an amazing day!

Today's quote:

'Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.' -Mark Twain

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