Thursday, May 31, 2012

Six Ways to Super Abundance!

Some of the most successful and wealthiest people will tell you that achieving what you want in life is down to showing up, doing the work, and sticking with it. More often than not, this is the formula to manifesting your dreams.

But, there is another vitally important ingredient to creating a life that is super abundant, and it's this ...

You need to have the right mind-set! You need to be mindful of what you want to enable you to set intentions into action into results.

So, here are six ways to achieving super abundance by being in the right state of mind.

1# First, establish what you want and set your intentions.

2# Focus positively on achieving your goals. Visualize what it is you want and see it in your reality.

3# Ensure that your self-talk supports your super-abundance goals. Make every thought, emotion, intention, and action resonate with your plans.

4# Believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities to create change. Believe in creating abundance now. Believe that something wonderful is happening to you.

5# Maintain a positive flow of abundance creating energy. Relax, smile, and have fun. What you want comes easier when you're at ease with the world.

6# Be guided in your goal for super-abundance. Invest in yourself. Attract exactly what you want. Believe you are worthy of what you desire.

Your positive state of mind matters when it comes to turning dreams into reality.

You have the ability to manifest the life you want simply by being mindful of your thoughts, intentions, and actions.

So, what are you thinking? How are your thoughts creating super-abundance?

Go manifest! It's as easy as you think!

Wishing you all that you wish for.

Today's quote:

'Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.' Lydia M. Child
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Master Your Dreams

On average, it's thought that about six years of our lives are spent in a state of dreaming while we are asleep. So, what if you could use your dream time to improve your life? Maybe it's time to find out more ...

How much attention do you pay to your dreams?

Many consider dreams to be messages of the unconscious mind. They can be random or meaningful, and can often symbolize what is going on in your life at any given moment in time.

What most people don't realize is that dream-time can provide an amazing opportunity to resolve emotional issues and help bring clarity to the day's problems. More so, dreams have the potential to take you on an incredible journey that will enrich your understanding, give you valuable insights on life, and bring you deep fulfilment.

To make the most of your dream-time, you need to learn lucid dreaming. This is the ability to wake up 'inside' your dream so that you can control and remember what happens.

Maybe you've already experienced rare episodes of lucid dreaming. Well, imagine being able to direct your dreams night after night!

Mastering your dreams in such a way can change your life for the better. Your dream-time will be filled with vivid, very real experiences of your own choosing, which can be exciting, fun, and revealing.

What's more, lucid dreamers tend to be more imaginative, creative, successful, and inventive.

So, start paying attention to your dreams. Learn the meaning behind your dreams. Tap into the inexhaustible supply of ideas that can appear while you're asleep.

Dream big and enjoy your adventures!

Today's quote:

“I dream for a living.” - Steven Spielberg
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Six Steps to Creating a New Life

Ever wished you were doing something better with your life?

Are you dissatisfied with what you're doing and desperate to find a happier alternative?

If so, then now's a good time to start creating the life you truly desire. Follow these six simple steps ...

1. Know exactly what you want! What will make your life more meaningful? What will give you greater satisfaction? Focus on what you're passionate about and what brings a true sense of joy and fulfilment. When you know what you want, you can make it happen.

2. Next, write down what you consider to be the obstacles that are stopping you from creating a better life. You may perceive these to be lack of time, money, experience, confidence, or opportunity.

3. Now consider each obstacle that you believe is stopping you from living your dream. Why are those obstacles there? Realize that most obstacles are self-created. They are there because of your fear and limiting thoughts! Some obstacles are just excuses, such as believing you don't have enough time, money, or confidence to change a situation. Once you realize that it's your own limiting thoughts stopping you from having a better life, you can change the situation.

4. Prepare a plan of action that will remove the obstacles and create the life you want. Unsure how? Embark on the life-makeover system for the quickest and most effective results.

5. Once you have a plan, you need to show up and do the work. Follow your intentions with action. Be consistent and determined.

6. Start living the life you desire. Believe in what you're doing and believe you make a difference. Remember, creating the life you want is down to you and your thoughts. Thought followed by action creates reality.

There has never been a better time to begin living a better life.

You can create any situation you want. There is absolutely nothing stopping you because the secret to your success is within you!

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your amazing new life today.

Today's quote:

'Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.'- Henry David Thoreau
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sail to Success

Are you living the life you desire?

Are you on target for great abundance and achievement?

If your dreams are still stuck in the harbour, you need to think about setting a course and sailing to success. Here's how ...

Begin by knowing what you want and setting worthy, authentic goals.

By having a solid vision of what you'd like to achieve, you begin creating the reality.

Making plans and setting goals is paramount if you want to achieve anything worthwhile. Infact, FOCUS and VISION is a success recipe shared amongst every achiever in the world.

Once you know what you want, and have a plan, and are focused, it's time to leave the harbour and set sail.

At this point, if you're struggling to release anchor, reflect on what's holding you back. Are you afraid of failure? Are you lacking confidence? Are you in a comfort zone? You may need to do some work to release your fears and old thought forms that do not support you.

Living the life of your dreams is all about turning up for the journey. Your success depends upon aligning yourself with your heart's desires and sticking to a focused plan of action ~ no matter how rough the seas or what challenges come your way.

Focus! Plan! Set Sail!

Believe in yourself. Support yourself on your journey by staying positive and abundant.

Success is yours when you start living your truth.

Have an amazing day!

Today's quotes:

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.” - William Shedd

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain
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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Healing Old Hurts

What negative heavy emotions are you carrying right now?

Are you still hurting for things that once happened to you or for 'wrong' choices that you made?

You don't have to feel the way you do. You can heal old hurts and begin living with greater happiness. Here's how ...

You start by recognizing that you have control over your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

You begin healing old hurts by realizing that what you feel is redundant, negative energy that no longer has any place in your life.

You change your life by changing your thoughts!

Stop putting a bandage on your wounds and focus on healing them completely.

No matter what has happened to you in the past, don't allow those stories to steal the joy of your present moment.

There is only NOW. You only have this life, and the clock is ticking. Why waste it by dwelling on old hurts, old loves, things that didn't work out, things that happened to you, and so on.

Once you recognize old hurts are old energy, which you are keeping alive with your thoughts and emotions, you can make a conscious choice to let them go.

Old hurts do not support you in the NOW. Old hurts do not nurture you in this moment.

Struggling to let go? Not sure whether you have the will-power?

Invest in yourself. Work on your Self-Talk or discover how you can change your life with NLP.

Get the support you need to move beyond the past and start enjoying life today.

You are more incredible than you think!

Today's quote:

'When a thing's done, it's done, and if it's not done right, do it differently next time.' - Arthur Ransome
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