Thursday, April 26, 2012

Living in Abundance

Do you know how rich you are?

Are you aware of how much more abundant you can be?

How often do you give thanks for what you have in your life?

Being grateful for life's gifts will help you manifest what you need. Let me explain ...

Every day, you receive gifts. With the right focus and intent, you can attract what you need. These gifts come in many forms. For example, someone may give their time, expertise, or support. A gift can come in the way of an event or experience needed to help you grow. Gifts can also appear in the way of more money or a better job or a great opportunity. You can also be gifted in the most precious way with love.

Whatever gifts you receive, be sure to accept them with gratitude.

Expressing gratitude is a key element in the laws of attraction. It is the secret ingredient to manifesting more of what you most desire.

You see, when you give thanks, you send out good thought vibes. This transmits a strong signal with the message that you are worthy of abundant gifts and that you are open to receiving the support and nurturing you need.

Giving heart-felt thanks (both spoken and unspoken) shows you are receptive to abundant offerings.

Living in gratitude aligns you energetically with what you most need. You effectively become an open channel to receive whatever you wish.

Don't believe me? Well, give it a try. You see, the universe really does listen. Your thoughts are powerful!

Practice living abundantly by giving thanks. Take a look at all the gifts you already have in your life, and be grateful for them. If you wish, speak your gratitude. For example, say, 'I'm grateful for ... the love of my family, friends, health, good food, great job, and so on ...'

As you live in gratitude, you'll soon see a positive change in your life. You'll notice more gifts coming to you.

Get into the positive habit of being thankful for what flows into your life.

Become super-abundant!

Today's quote:

'Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.' -Tony Robbins

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