Thursday, February 09, 2012

Eat for Health

Is what you eat making you ill and lifeless?

Do you lack energy even though you eat plenty?

If you don't feel at your best, maybe it's time to look at the food on your plate. Let me explain ...

Your body is only as efficient as the 'fuel' you consume. When you eat healthy choices and healthy amounts, you prime your body for optimum performance and vitality.

Healthy eating isn't about dieting. It isn't about giving up everything you enjoy. It's about eating sensibly and consuming foods that are beneficial for your mind and body.

Here are some healthy eating tips:

# Choose fresh, organic fruit and vegetables and eat these on a daily basis.

# Cut down on foods that are over-loaded with sugar, salt or fat.

# Read the food labels and avoid foods that are heavily laden with artificial additives. Choose foods with natural ingredients.

# Reduce your consumption of meat and processed foods.

# Always hungry? Well, maybe you're actually thirsty rather than hungry. Have a drink of water, natural fruit juice or herbal tea rather than reaching for calorie-heavy snacks.

# If you really are hungry between meals, choose a piece of fruit or a handful of raisins.

# Plan your food shop and prepare most of your meals yourself rather than relying on lifeless ready-meals.

# Explore superfoods and eat more raw! (Google it!)

# Enjoy your food and don't get too faddy or obsessive about what you eat. Just be sensible and remember that what you eat is your choice and your choice really does make a difference to your health.

Struggling to kick those poor eating habits? Don't think you can give up the addictive junk food even though it's dulling your life force?

Maybe you need some help.

Check out the Break Habits course to get rid of those addictive bad eating patterns once and for all!

You are responsible for your body's health. You have a choice about what you consume.

When you eat healthily, your body works at its optimum and has more energy so you can enjoy all life has to offer.

So, today, make it your goal to eat well. Take responsibility for your health. Feel the difference and live the results!

Today's quote:

“To attain knowledge, add things everyday. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” - Lao Tzu

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