Thursday, September 01, 2011

Feed Your Mind

Do you have days when you're unable to think straight?

Struggling to remember things or finding it difficult to deal with simple brain-teasers?

If your mind is a little fuzzy and your memory is foggy, perhaps you need to feed your mind and boost your brain power. Here's how ...

1. Exercise Your Body!
When you exercise your body, your blood circulation improves. As a result, your brain receives more oxygen and nutrients, which are essential to your mental well-being. Try walking, cycling, swimming, dancing or yoga.

2. Gain Quality Sleep!
A good night's sleep is essential for healing mind and body. It's also essential for ensuring clarity of thought, creativity, problem-solving and any critical thinking. If you're sleep deprived, start a programme that will instil good sleeping habits.

3. Eat Brain-Enhancing Foods!
What you eat has a direct impact on your mind and body. Choose nutritious, healthy foods to ensure essential physiological functioning of the brain and nervous system. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Ensure you're getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids, which can be found in oily fish or in pumpkin seeds, walnuts, ground flaxseed, and flaxseed oil.

4. Exercise Your Brain!
Your mind is like a muscle. If you don't use it often, you will lose its strength and vitality. Regularly test your memory and problem solving skills. Take part in quizzes, solve puzzles, or learn something new. Everytime you exercise your brain, you stimulate neural response and growth of brain cells.

5. Take a Sonic Vitamin!
Feed your brain with an audio pill! Sonic Vitamins optimize your brain health and improve your memory, mental reasoning, problem solving, mood and creativity.

No matter how old you are or how much education you have, your mind can be enhanced so that you are happier, wiser and live with greater meaning and intelligence.

Begin your journey to improved mental health today!

Today's Quote:

"This one step - choosing a goal and staying to it - changes everything."
- Scott Reed

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