Thursday, August 25, 2011

Think Before You Act

Human thoughts and emotions are complex. Sometimes, we say and do things before we've really thought about it. Occasionally, we react to what other people say and do without consideration.

If you're creating emotional stress within you or around you, then change the situation. Here's how ...

Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

What you say and do has power. It can change your life and it can impact other people.

When you are thinking and acting from negativity, such as anger, bitterness, pessimism, and retaliation, you are feeding into negativity. Not only will you create problems for others, you will also create problems for yourself ... again and again.

Be mindful of your self-talk, your intentions, and your actions. Be aware of how you feel.

Are you focused on providing a thoughtful and positive response?

Are you acting from a place of love and compassion?

Are you nurturing yourself and others by the results of what you choose to do?

When you are mindful of your thoughts, you can make an inspiring difference. You can bring sunshine into your life and other people's. You can bring a peaceful resolution to a situation that has been bothering you and hurting others. You can achieve more happiness and success by thinking and acting mindfully.

It's your choice. It's always your choice!

So, think before you act. Be aware of how your choices can change your world. It's all down to you.

Today's quote:

"Be the change that you want to see in the world." - Mohandas Gandhi

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