Thursday, July 21, 2011

Empower Your Dreamtime

Want to wake up each morning feeling like you've been on an incredible adventure?

Would you like to master your dreamtime so you gain positive, life-enhancing experiences?

While you're sleeping, you could be having amazing fun and truly memorable experiences. All you have to do is learn how to control your dreams.

Most people have about eight hours sleep each day. During these hours, the mind is actively dreaming. Not everyone recalls their dreams. Some remember snippets of exciting dreams that seemed so real and wish they could recall every thrilling detail.

Now imagine being in control of your dreams, directing the outcome of events and experiences, and remembering everything. Wouldn't that open up an exciting new dimension in your life?

Lucid dreaming is having awareness and control of your dreams. It's akin to stepping into another reality and creating the positive experiences and encounters you would like.

Being able to dream consciously has many benefits. You begin to realise how you can create your own reality and enjoy amazing experiences that will inspire and thrill you for days, weeks and even years.

Everyone has the ability to dream lucidly. It's a learnable skill and is just a matter of maintaining focus and employing a few tried and tested lucid dreaming techniques to create the right conditions needed.

When you discover your innate ability to wake-up inside your dream, your daily sleep will prove productive, creative, and enthralling. What's more, you'll wake up refreshed, taking those positive experiences into your day.

So, don't see your sleep as unproductive, wasted hours. Learn how to master your dreams and begin an exciting new journey. It will open up an enticing new dimension that will seem as real as your 'awake' hours.


Today's quote:

"Sleep is the best meditation." - Dalai Lama

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