Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Path of Mindfulness

Every day, we generate thousands of thoughts, as a result of information, ideas, emotions, sensations, experiences, stimulus, and memories.

These thoughts buzz around our heads, until they are processed, stored away, or discarded.

So, here are a few more thoughts for you to digest:

How mindful are you of your thoughts?

How often do you consider the clutter your mind processes?

How aware are you of the impact your thoughts have on your life's journey?

Think about it! Think about it, carefully!

You see, thoughts often run away with themselves, if you let them.

Thoughts can hold you back, if you let them.

Thoughts can limit your happiness and stop you from having a fulfilling and meaningful life, if you let them.

There is a saying, which puts thought in perspective, and it's this: `Whether you think you can or can't, in either case, you'll be right!'

It's a fabulous reminder how powerful thoughts are and why we should be mindful of them as we go about our day.

Consider what thoughts you're giving the most attention to. Are they positive, joyful, life-enhancing thoughts? Are you focused on creating wonderful experiences?

Remember, the choice is ALWAYS yours!

So, be aware of your thoughts. Be mindful of how your thoughts are shaping your experiences, and choose the thoughts that will nurture you on your path.

Enjoy your day, and be careful what you wish for!!

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