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Binge Drinking Behavior In College Goers

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Specific Personality Traits Make One More Susceptible

College goers are not going to like this, but it is an established fact that drinkers who used to binge while in college have been found to go on in life to occupy positions that are considered less prestigious in society, have been found to settle for less income than they normally would have deserved, and even more importantly, have been found to be susceptible to psychiatric disorders later in life. That voluminous drinking sessions which are continued over a period of time actually alter the brain's structure, leading to neurocognitive deficits in frontal lobe processing and working memory operations, is a recorded fact too. Despite this wealth of awareness, it is sad that the kids still get attracted to bingeing.

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More refined investigation into the personalities of adolescents, who immerse themselves in binge drinking when they should have been immersed in books, has led to the identification of specific traits that have been thought to play a critical role in this risk blowing itself out of hand.

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One such trait is impulsivity. People who score high on this trait are very sensitive to the rewards that would be theirs for which all they have to do is to rush forward and grab the glass or the bottle. The rush ruthlessly muffles any words of caution being whispered by the conscious mind at that moment of time. That is the way such people are constructed, you see, and it is very hard to stop them in their tracks, once they get going.

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Another trait is sensation-seeking and excitement. People with a lower threshold for boredom, itch and fidget to seek out whatever novel may be on offer. And if Nature doesn't provide it to them, they go create novelty for themselves! The sensations and stimulations that begin to tingle in the body after a few gulps of the elixir have that touch of unusualness about them which is oh so thrilling. To people who seek novelty and excitement, it is the novelty of the tingle which matters above all else.

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The influence of alcohol on the brain helps to shed inhibitions that normally shackle you into the limitations of acceptable social etiquette and protocol. Researchers have linked the trait of aggressiveness to disposition towards heavy drinking. Alcohol somehow brings out this particular trait even more forcefully. So people who may not be overtly aggressive and otherwise outwardly appear very meek and timid, but have seething resentment, boiling anger, and raging frustration all mixed up in the simmering cauldron of the psyche, will find the liquid sloshing down the gullet fueling the cauldron. Is it then any surprise to find them explode? If you have come across news in the media of how somebody murdered somebody after a round of boozing, now you know why.

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These were the findings of a study conducted on 300+ students from a Canadian University recently. While science continues to work hard on addressing the problem of alcoholism, college goers - especially with the traits we just discussed - might do well to self-reflect and become more aware of what exactly makes them reach out for that inviting glass. After all, all said and done, it is your life!

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  1. I maintain that everything we do is directly related to how we feel about ourselves (self-esteem).So when we say that some people are sensation and excitement seekers we must also ask why.I know that some people are what we call 'A' personalities. They are impulsive and impatient but I wonder if it has to do with them needing to feel good. We all need to feel good. That is our first priority. So, if our self-esteem is low and we do not feel good about ourselves, do we search for ways to fill that void? Just food for thought.