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Have You Discovered Your Allergies, Yet?

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Test Your Body's Allergies First, And Save Yourself A Lot Of Trouble

It is really sad when people trundle through their lives, saddled with this disease and that medical condition, taking this bitter pill and that painful injection, spending loads and loads of money on health care, and never once realizing that the root, root source of all their troubles might all along have been the humble food they sat down to eat every night for supper. This is the interesting aspect about food allergy. You never know that the dish you have so relished all your life has actually been your worst enemy.

skin prick test, allergyclinic.co.uk_*

* Skin Prick Test, allergyclinic.co.uk.

Along with the chain of vaccinations that we subject our children to, I wish it becomes fashionable and de rigueur and therefore very common practice to take their blood samples for lab test to find out what foods don't suit their constitution. It is great if they do it in your country as standard procedure. For very early on in the game of Life, such kids will learn what is good for them and what will make their life miserable, at least so far as food is concerned.


* Kids living with food allergies, faiusa.org - YouTube/jbrownwa.

As these kids begin to find their way through the intricate maze of living, they will be told that it is the stress that is behind the gastric troubles. Which it is, but then there is something more to the story. Or that they should be including more fiber in their food. Or may be join yoga classes or perform meditation every day. Which is all very good, and may be these solutions might even relieve them of their problems to a certain extent. But the "something more to the story" behind what ails them might also well be the allergy to the food that they consume unthinkingly.

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Including the test for food allergy / intolerance in the diagnostics increases its accuracy and reduces the time, effort and money to pinpoint exactly what might be causing the trouble in the body. A negative food allergy test outcome eliminates one factor out of the diagnosis picture, and you can move to investigate more serious reasons. A positive food allergy test outcome, on the other hand, will straightaway eliminate all further pains and expenses; all that you have to now do is to stop eating the food that is offending the body's sensibilities.

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Food allergies are diagnosed through various tests. Of late, research advances has tilted the scale in favor of blood tests that can pinpoint the food item that is playing the villain's role with increasing accuracy.


* New technique to diagnose food allergy, Mayo Clinic - YouTube/mayoclinic.

Earlier on, we talked about subjecting the kids to tests to determine their food allergy profile. As I write this, work is underway to develop new immunotherapy techniques not only for the young ones but for the rest of us as well; so don't be surprised to find a vaccine that cures allergy towards peanuts or eggs or fish! Stay tuned in with the latest in health; stay tuned in with self-development! And gift yourself and your near-and-dear ones the food allergy tests.

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[Scientists spend long hours poring over their microscopes, studying the tiny organisms to the minutest details. However, their most sophisticated instruments are still not capable of tracking the flow of signals and commands between the brain and the mind. If the brain is matter, mind is energy. If the brain is tangible and physical, the mind is intangible and ethereal. It is very interesting and absorbing to speculate, as this article does, on the link between the two: "Wellbeing And The Science Of Matter-Energy Continuum".]

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