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Males - Check The Flourides In Your Water

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Excess Fluorides Render The Sperms Impotent
It is well-known that fluorides are best to keep the teeth clean. They dissolve away the plaque, kill the bacteria and generally keep the teeth healthy. We also know that fluorides are best restricted to the buccal cavity - that is, within the precincts of the two sets of teeth. If the chemical is swallowed, and swallowed consistently, then it can cause medical conditions such as skeletal fluorosis.

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New research has brought to light that fluorides can be harmful to male virility. To give an analogy of the damage that the chemical can cause: Fluoride is to the male spermatozoa what kryptonite is to Superman. Just as kryptonite can cripple Superman into an ordinary human being, excess fluoride in the body can render the male impotent. Here is more dope on the research.

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The paper has been published in the August 2008 issue of "Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology". Male rats were fed with fluoride-laced water for two months. They were then euthanized and their viscera subjected to chemical investigation. It was found that excess fluoride leads to generation of superoxide anion and NOX5 in the spermatozoa. This generation is a precursor to a condition known as "oxidative stress" in the spermatozoa. In colloquial language, what this technical mumbo-jumbo means is that a) the capability of spermatozoa to swim in the viscous waters of the female tract is weakened, and b) the capability of the sperm's head to breach the walls of the ovum (the so-called "acrosome reaction") and push in its male payload is severely compromised. In other words, the male becomes infertile. And all because the male has been rather casual about the quality of plain water he has been drinking all these days.

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When and where does fluoride enter the water system? Municipalities around the world add it to potable water in order to keep the teeth enamel of its citizenry sparkling clean. Fluoride is also naturally found in underground water worldwide. Certain regions around the world are endowed with more fluoride concentrations than required, so you might want to find out whether the place you normally live falls in one of them - or better still, get your usual source of water tested. [Here is a site where fluoride concentrations have been mapped.]

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If you are a male, the next time you are seized by the impulse to show off the power of your virility to the neighborhood, don't buy that flashy new car or that fancy pair of cuff-links or those expensive shoes. Don't do all that you normally do to show-off. Buy a good-quality water filter that can remove the fluoride ions, instead. Believe me, this one act will help you much better in that one department where showing-off ultimately matters the most to you.

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[The elaborate and intricate mechanisms constructed by Nature to propagate species are a marvel in themselves. There was a time, not very long ago, when children were led to believe that babies were brought to the mothers from some place faraway by birds. The stork was visualized carrying the baby in a sling cloth hanging either by its slender neck or held firmly in its sturdy beak. It was a strong symbol, and helped seniors ward off awkward questions from inquisitive and nosey kids. Has this symbol endured? Does this symbol still hold good? Read about it here: "The Symbolism Of The Stork".]

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  1. An excellent post, Sanjay, particularly as here in southern Britain the authorities are attempting to add fluoride to the drinking water.

    At present it has been taken to court but I have no doubt the measures will be pushed through. What happens then worries me.

    Maybe I should find one of those filters you mentioned.