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Depression - It Sneaks From Behind

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Wears You Down, And Before You Know It...

When the tiny germs of some fever begin breaking down your defense shields, you recognize the symptoms. And instinctively, you reach out for remedies. So before the time comes for the doctor to be called in, you have already taken some or the other measures to bring the condition in control. These germs attack at the level of the body. The body whose protection is monitored by the mind which is (usually) alert and which can and does take action while there is still time. But what happens when the mind itself is under attack?

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The only way the mind can come under an attack, is through its own thoughts that are generated within itself. Unfortunately, while we are very careful of the weather around us, while we generally keep an eye on what food we are eating and what liquids we are drinking, we are not always alert about what thoughts we are thinking. And just as the wrong kind of weather conditions, the harmful kinds of foods and the improper kinds of liquids can damage our body, in the same way the wrong kinds of thoughts can damage the mind. Depression is but one of the manifestations of the wrong kind of thoughts consistently passing through the mind.

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Talk to the people who have or are undergoing bouts of depression, and you will come across a consistent theme in their stories, including where the trait runs in the family: there is some stressful event in their life that has triggered it all. The stress may have been caused due to somebody passing away, or due to some failure in some or the other important relationships that they had invested a lot of cathexis in, or any of the umpteen reasons in areas that have held substantial meaning.

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The source of stress is not important here. It is invariably beyond our control anyway. What is important is that we somehow let the feeling of loss or defeat or helplessness or sadness get to us. We keep on dwelling on the negative thoughts. Do we knowingly eat stale or fungus-laden food? We spit out the first morsel the moment the fungus touches the palate and the smell hits the nostrils. Do we drink water that we clearly see has lot of mud in it? We throw it away. Do we deliberately move around in inclement weather? We seek shelter first thing. The moment realization dawns that something wrong is happening, we move away from it, don't we? Without much ado. Unfortunately, this is not what we do with our negative thoughts. We continue to let the wrong kind of thoughts pass through our mindscape without let. In fact, we fall in love with these thought patterns, without our knowledge. This is how conditions such as depression get the chance to sneak from behind.

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The manifestation of this consistent dwelling on the mental detritus is very subtle, and we ourselves are not conscious of it, unless some other, more perceptive and observant person close by detects the manifestation and points it out to us. We become sad, pensive, and break out into bouts of crying. Or we feel lethargic all the time, and want to lie down all the time. Or we may become angry and irritable, anxious and agitated. We no longer find ourselves enjoying the usual social banter, and would rather be left alone. Sadly, this is the time when we have been so worn down and so sucked in to the muck, that it is too late to realize that a state of depression has set in.

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Depression is unfortunately spreading over humanity like the plague very stealthily. The good news is that depression is very much treatable in a majority of conditions. Science has a number of arrows in the quiver today to shoot at this particular issue. Google on the word and millions of pages come up that provide help from diverse angles and perspectives.

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But the most favor we can do to ourselves is to remain always alert about what we are thinking. We were taught hygiene in the school and at home: about how to distinguish between good and bad food, good and bad liquids, and in general about what is good and not good for us. I wish they had also taught us about how to distinguish between good and bad thoughts.

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[Actually, our attitude towards our mind - the most important and the most precious of our possessions - has always been lackadaisical. While we give so much attention to the health of the body - look at all those fitness programs and the consciousness about food regime -, we unfortunately do not really do anything to nourish the mind. Here is an article that discusses the impact this has on our well-being: "Exploring The Fourth State Of Consciousness".]

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  1. I can remember being depressed as far back as 4 years old, only I didn't know what it was. 50 years later it is really no better. I medicate and meditate and have been to um-teen Dr's.
    Is this "condition" built into ones DNA? Is it Karma? Some suggest it is Post Traumatic Stress. Whatever "Depression" really is, no one can truly claim they know how to correct it. Several claim they can but don't really. For them it is about the glory of the academic paper framed on the wall. The more framed academic achievement papers the higher the fee. But no release of this horrible black cloud that looms over you and consumes you.
    I am unable to toss in a positive thot on this subject as it is an unwelcome friend (or foe) that is all consuming.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    There is hope for you and your depression. Research EFT at There are video's, free how to manual, and many free articles. Please find a therapist that uses EFT. Another therapy is EMDR. EMDR needs to be administered by a professional. Your life CAN change!