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Osteoporetic? Consider Green Tea

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It's A Beverage That Can Rejuvenate The Bones

Remember the time when you were the fastest runner in town? Remember how you could hop across barriers without second thought? How you could jump from places of height with the full confidence that you will be able to land on your feet or on your fours unhurt? Now do the memory of these same feats bring shivers in your spine? That is what osteoporosis does for you. It shakes your confidence in your body's ability to withstand shock and to not buckle under any hits. You become prone to fractures in your structure.

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Biologists say that the body at any point of time is buzzing with dynamic activity. While your eyes are reading these words, the cells in your body are being formed and destroyed simultaneously, a big portion of them being bone cells. The astonishing speed at which this is happening, it is a wonder that your body doesn't appear disintegrated to any onlooker. People studying osteochondropathy say that the state of osteoporosis, that is, proneness to fracture, comes about when more bone cells are destroyed than they are formed.

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While osteoporosis weakens the body's bony structure throughout the body, it is usually the wrists, the waist and the spine that are most susceptible. Though aging is the main culprit of it all - how we wish we could continue to remain youthful till eternity! -, our lifestyles are equally to blame. When life is cruising along at an easy clip, it is easy to lull ourselves into stupor and complacency. And we indulge in all sorts of sins that our grand-momma used to warn against. When the time comes and retribution catches up with us...ouch! The breakage of the brittle bones is the first message to us of how we have overlooked our body's condition all these years.

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The good news is that there are encouraging reports of certain naturally occurring substances that can restore the imbalance between bone-cell loss and new bone-cell formation. One of them is green tea leaves.

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Dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, which we pick up from the shelves of the local store and consume as tea, are choc-a-bloc with some divine polyphenols that can blow life back into the nooks and crevices of the body where new bone cells are formed. A team of researchers conducted an experiment involving middle-aged female rats. These ladies were experiencing menopause and consequently facing bone loss. The experiment involved treating them to water mixed with green tea polyphenols. Slurping on this laboratory tea for four months, when their bone density was checked at the end of this period, it was found that the tea had strengthened their skeletal system. Extrapolating the result of what a few drops of green tea extract in plain water could do to rats, it can be safely surmised that the same results can be obtained in human beings.

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While research is still in progress, perhaps we can begin treating our elders to a cup of green tea every day?

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[Brittleness of bones is a major issue facing the elderly, true. At the same time, there are others that engage their mind. Rumination and reflection become more affordable, for they are the only activities that you can do. Or are there others? Here is an article for you to ruminate and reflect: "Rediscovering The Self - At Sunset Time".]

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