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Keep The Lard Levels Low In Kids

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Take Proactive Action Against Obesity

Are we guilty of overstuffing our kids with goodies that can only do harm to them? Are we really careful and concerned about what the kids are consuming when in the house and when they go outside? By the looks of them, it appears that our love for them is blinding us to the weight they are putting on. Concerned public health officials say this is good for neither the growing child nor the society.

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Child obesity is being viewed as an epidemic in the United States. According to reports, when schools open their gates to let off their wards for the day, the number of kids with abnormal girth ambling out of their premises has more than doubled in the past several decades, and the girth doesn't appear to be slimming any soon.

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The consequences of carrying around so much lard are well studied and documented. The edge gained in their ability to throw their weight around in a social interaction is easily offset by the pull-down that nature inherently builds in the kids because of their obesity. For instance, if, god forbid, any obese kid were to get involved in some accident involving motor vehicle collisions, they will take longer to convalesce and will often encounter more severe complications than their leaner friends. It is as if the body's defense mechanisms take longer time to negotiate around the fatty corners to reach their target site for healing. The kids also become vulnerable to conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, renal diseases and heart diseases, both faster and earlier than the rest of the population.

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To a large extent, it is not the parents alone who are responsible for this sorry state of affairs of the kids becoming obese. The contemporary urban environments too are to be held guilty. A lot of research has gone into how children going to school and recreation centers are repeatedly exposed to the advertisement hoardings, banners and come-hither signage deployed by eating establishments that come up around the schools. With as much as USD 8 billion spent on creating these advertisements, the message is sure to get delivered, and delivered powerfully! No wonder that the kid burns up all their pocket money munching foods and slurping on flavored drinks that are dense in energy but low in nutrition. The need for a more holistic, society-level action has perhaps been the motivation behind the publication of a book on actions that local governments can take to prevent childhood obesity.

An online book detailing suggestions for local governments to prevent child obesity.

But while waiting for governments to get into the act, we might decide to take up in real earnest the mission of reducing the weight of our children. Consuming healthy and nutritious foods, balancing studies with lot of physical activity, and instilling in the mind a sense of loathe towards that which tastes great but which is not good for the body...are the few mantras with which to begin the mission.

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