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Prostate Cancer And Dairy Products

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Research Points To Milk Possibly Being The Culprit

The prostate, a gland found in the male of all animal species, functions as a storehouse of seminal fluid that acts as gravy for sperms when they begin their onward journey. Accumulating in the epididymis sacs in raw, pristine, semi-dry state, the sperms get drenched in the seminal fluid when they enter and pass through the prostate portal. Floating in this fluid, the sperms are assured of a safe passage as they negotiate their way through the acidic tracts before the competition begins for the trophy of the ovum. This walnut shaped module must have been plugged thoughtfully in place in the reproductive mechanism by the Designer In-charge, no doubt concerned about the well-being of the warriors on whose tiny shoulders the enormous responsibility of procreation lies. May you succeed in your mission; the walnut seems to bless the warriors as it showers the fluid on them with abandon. However, going by the number of cancers of the prostate that men around the world carry inside them; it appears that their relationship with the wise walnut is paradoxically less than comfortable.

Prostate with a metal instrument pierced through it, wiki_*

* Prostate with a metal instrument pierced through it, wiki.

The epidemiology of prostate cancer gives an intriguing graph. While Asian men appear to be least at risk of an outbreak of prostate-cell rebellion; African American and Scandinavian hunks experience the revolt of prostate cells most susceptibly. The etiology of the condition has been equally intriguing, with the observation that migrants from low-risk countries to high-risk countries succumbing to the condition more readily --- pointing out to both environmental and lifestyle factors being major perpetrators.

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The expert report published by the World Cancer Research Fund in 2007 has come out with data that point to the possibility of dairy products - that contain abundant calcium - playing a role in provoking the cells that make up the walnut to go crazy and behave abnormally. Ergo, the milk that one has been drinking for so long might have something to do with the pain in the pelvic region one has been experiencing for some while, and which the doctor suspects might be prostate cancer.

WCRF Expert Report_*

The report published by the WCRF in 2007.

Milk and other dairy products are so much a part and parcel of our lifestyle, ever since childhood. After getting scrubbed and spruced up and ready for school, the last item on the agenda before rushing off out of the house used to be - and continues to be - the mandatory glass of milk that parents / caregivers thrust into the tiny tots' hands. Traditional wisdom emphasizes the contribution of calcium to our diet that a glass of milk supplies. But no, there is a problem with this milk, the researchers now say. Further, more refined research within the sub-group of dairy products of whole milk, low-fat milk, skim milk, cheese and yogurt, has pointed the needle of suspicion towards skim milk and low-/non-fat milk. Is this what migrants from low-risk countries to high-risk countries switch to, in their attempt to adapt to their new environment? May be the ingredients that are removed from whole milk on its way to being converted to skim milk are the real nutrition that the cells of the prostate yearn for the most?

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However, the jury is still out, and the final verdict is yet to be given. Caution being better than cure, therefore if you are a male, or if there is some male who is under your care, you might consider restricting the diet to minimal dairy products. And keep in touch with the latest developments on the research on prostate cancer.

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[Besides the challenges of cancers of various types that the human body has to face during the lifetime, there is this even bigger challenge for which science still does not have a solution. Read about this challenge - from a metaphysical perspective - here: "When The Connect Between The 4D And The Ethereal, Shrivels".]

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  1. Very interesting post, I actually want my wife and I to one day have a very low intake of dairy products--unfortunately right now our consumption is a little higher than I would like it to be.

    Thanks for the information though! I wouldn't have gotten it if I had not read your post.