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Diabetics: Laugh And Be Inspired - Through Comic Strips

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Health Information, Delivered Humorously

Diabetics do not have it easy. While going through the daily humdrum of life, the mind keeps subconsciously scanning the newspapers, TV news, and whatever other information source available, for any breakthrough news about some cure for their condition. And when they are with friends and family, there is always somebody around with some sage piece of advice about how someone from some exotic land somewhere faraway has come up with this herb or that seed which has to be boiled in the oil extracted from snakes - of a certain color - that have just emerged from the cracks of their eggs. And the said concoction, if drunk at the stroke of midnight for three successive new moon nights, will provoke the pancreas to produce those juices that will balance the sugar level in the body. Some sage piece of advice this. But you get the idea.

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Exasperated diabetics now have some funny stuff to tickle the rib. Soon, US-based newspaper readers will be able to get a daily dose of advice, laced in science and dabbed in humor, about prevention and treatment of the condition. (Online versions of these newspapers are available on the web too - some free, some paid.) This is courtesy Mr. Baldo Bermudez, the main character of the daily comic strip "Baldo" which is published in over 200 newspapers across the US.

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The 15-year old teenager Baldo is soon going to realize that his dad, Sergio, is afflicted with diabetes. Poor Baldo thinks that it is he who has brought this condition on to his father with his mischief and antics. The boy and his sister Gracie will, in their typical tongue-in-cheek style, drive home the point about eating healthier, to pay more attention to physical exercise, to not succumb to bouts of sudden anger and intermittent sloth, and to try and remain calm and peaceful at all times.

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The strip - published in English and Spanish - is a creation of Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos. The series on diabetes awareness, beginning June 30th, is an outcome of the duo's partnership with the
National Alliance for Hispanic Health.

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Looking at one's condition with humor in itself is a good therapy!

[While on the subject of diabetes, here is another angle to ponder and reflect upon: "Diabetes - Silent Killer? Or Awakener?".]

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