Friday, April 24, 2009

Bringing Them Into The Mainstream - Film On Autism

Film - Finding The Words

Hope In The Midst Of Despair

This is for parents of kids on the autism spectrum: You might be interested in buying a DVD that has recently been released in the market, and that chronicles the lives of eight kids who were detected as autistic during infancy and who have returned to the mainstream since, all because the parents decided to not give-up-and-surrender, and because their doctors were motivated to find and / or work out better therapies from out of the box. The DVD, an hour-long documentary film titled "Finding The Words", takes the viewer through the trials and tribulations undergone by the families involved, to the final denouement where the kids' lives seamless mingle with the other kids in their respective "regular" schools.

Major brain structures implicated in autism - wiki_*

* Diagram of the brain explaining the major structures implicated in autism, wiki.

At a time when the gloomy prognosis in the scientific establishment is that "ASDs are lifelong conditions with no known cure" - these stories inspire cheer. While the film focuses on just eight kids, it is to be hoped that these kids are but a tip of a growing groundswell of similar such cases which might have gone undocumented, and compiling and collating these success stories in a fashion similar to the CDC studies can clean the stamp of "incurability" that the condition has come to acquire. This is especially considering that the CDC's revelation that 1 in 150 kids in the US is on the spectrum has marked out Autism as a candidate to be tagged as an "epidemic", to be tackled at the level of the society and the government and not just left to the individual devices of the parents.

ASA Logo_*

* Autism Society of America - April is Autism Awareness Month.

The DVD is available for purchase at Finding The Words. Here is a trailer of this video:

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