Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Let's Use The Present Crisis To Learn A Thing Or Two About Money

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'How To Respect Money' Is The Lesson From The Present Crisis

Difficult it is, is it not, to keep our head in place when all around us are losing theirs? This is precisely what the current economic conditions are demanding that we do. To retain our cool, and not let the mayhem and gloom and sense of doom get to us.

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That nowadays there is generally a feeling of being shipwrecked, along with the realization of the traditional support of lifebuoys, lifeguards, rafts, etc not being available to take us to the safety of solid ground -- is clear from the recent spurt in visitations to counselors by people who had never any record of visiting one before. The common leitmotif behind the motivation to seek counseling are the expected ones - job losses, layoffs, furloughs, salary cuts, and the accompanying worry of paying for the kids' tuition fees and paying for the debts taken when times were more cheerful. Another feature that is most visible in today's social life is the increase in attendance at spiritual and religious congregations: the subconscious connection we make, of a higher force being our lifebuoy, lifeguard, raft, etc is a throwback to the times when we used to be led by the finger by somebody senior to such places, and when we found them regaining solace and strength and comfort, making their particular road ahead more bearable for them.

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Both these features - receiving counseling and attending spiritual / religious congregations - must be counted as positive side-effects of the present economic crisis. We have been on auto-pilot mode of "earn-enjoy-have-fun-and-tomorrow-will-take-care-of-itself" for so long, that a correction which makes us pause and take stock of our mental and spiritual health had become overdue. This taking stock leads us by the finger towards some deep self-analysis sometimes, which again is a positive offshoot. A churning begins in our mind about the way we have lived our lives all this while, about the thought processes that have dictated our decisions and choices. As with any churning, some very good aspects about us come to light. And as with any churning, some not so great aspects about us too come to light.

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Take for example, our approach and attitude towards the concept of money. While it has been fed to us every moment of the day - by our parents, seniors and peers, by the newspapers and the TV and the radio, by the local religious congregation we used to go to - that (one of the, if not the only) most potent and powerful entity in this world is M-O-N-E-Y, tell me, how many of us really, really understand this thing called "money"? That a majority of us are largely ignorant about it - never mind the grand posture we take before the family members or the eloquent gestures and theatrical dialogs that we deliver before relatives and friends - is clear by the fact of the huge debts we have run up on our credit card and we now realize that we cannot pay.

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As this article here suggests - Raise Your Hands, All Those Who Love Money -, unless somebody taps us on our forehead and points to us the folly of our approach towards this arguably most potent power in the world, we continue to live the same way that our upbringing has taught us. And continue to make the same mistakes we have always made.

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While the economy will take its own time to get back on its feet - and that it will, there's no doubt -, let's use the present opportunity of the thumb-twiddling free time that we seem to have with us - waiting for the next job or contract to come our way - to conduct a positive self-analysis and identify areas where we can improve ourselves. Including how to give money some more respect than we have been giving it up until now.

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  1. I think we must learn to completely discard any false belief that we cannot or should not have an abudance of money. We must understand that money is necesary to the full,free,happy expression of life through us and that money is universal substance that belongs to all people and it exists for all to use.

    I say to myself daily " I use my money in a healthy, constructive, generous and good way. I do not turn away from nor do I refuse money any more than I turn away from and refuse to accept air or sunlight. I accept the generous gifts Life has for me with enthusiasm.I am not a slave to money but rather do I look upon money as my servant. Its is good for me and I use it to bring good into the lives of others. Others benefited through my right use of money. Creative expansive ideas for financial success are continually coming to me. As I unselfishly seek to do more and more good for others,all the channels of Life- people,situations and conditions in my enviroment-pour out to me a greater abundance of money.I SEEK AND FIND THE VALUE IN EVERY SITUATIO".

    The secret to sustain success is Balance. Be aware of negative influences and eliminate them.

    Let's change the world!!!

  2. Money has become relatively unimportant in the sense that we have lost respect for how hard it is to earn it, I myself know, and have wasted a lot of it. We need to start saving again, and not buy on debt. The problem is also with governments, printing all this moeny to ultimately destroy the wealth of our money!