Monday, November 17, 2008

Banish Cynicism And Bitterness From Life

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Optimism And Cheer Wins Battles (And Elections!)

Blessed are those whose lives have been populated by positive people right from birth and childhood. For such people grow to be optimistic, are always hopeful, are always able to capitalize on opportunities that come their way, are fully resilient to not let defeat and failure ruin their poise or composure, are always willing to give happiness another chance to enter their life in times when it might have temporarily left them. These are the ones I would count amongst the truly blessed - not the ones who have cash and jewelry straining to burst from their bank lockers or who have multitudes of friends and relatives to mourn their passing away.

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Otherwise, chances are that there is at least somebody in our life who is a nay-sayer. A diehard cynic. A person who, when others are looking at working towards success, will thump their chest, wag their fingers, and emphatically tell you why success is not possible. These are the people who will jump up and down and indulge in all sorts of theatrics and histrionics to make themselves heard, and at the very least plant the seed of doubt in our heart and mind. You get the picture? Does anybody come to your mind in your life who fits this picture? This is the one.

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Not that such people are always wrong and we are always right. Not that anybody who holds a view or opinion contrary to ours must be stayed away from. Heavens, no. But what makes such people stand apart from the wise and the logical and the rationalists, is their tendency to play the role of nay-sayer consistently. These are the people who always see doom and gloom all around them. These are the people who always have the most acerbic comments up their sleeve, and whose words always seem to drip with the acid of cynicism and the corrosive of bitterness. Who are not able to hide their glee when they see us faltering in our path, who will rub their hands vigorously, grin from ear to ear, saliva drooling from the mouth, eyes wide open, and the expression plainly says - "See, I told you so, I told you so!" Now do you get the picture? Does anybody now come to your mind who fits the picture? This is the one.

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Delve deep into their psyche and it is not difficult or time-consuming to discover the source of their cynicism and bitterness. Unless it is a gene-thing, that is. You will usually find that their life-story is strewn with a string of failures or heartbreaks, or that there was one big failure with a capital 'B' and where they had to face a lot of flak and which punctured their self-confidence and which they never recovered from, or that they somehow positioned themselves on a plane of low self-esteem and have been operating from there ever since.

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If there is somebody in your life who keeps pulling you down while you are struggling on your way up, or who keeps putting obstacles in your path while you are striving hard to attain a success that you always dream about when you are asleep --- steer away from them!

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Now this is the hardest part. We have, up until now, enjoyed visualizing such people in our lives. There is "somebody else", some "other person" who is being cynical and who is being bitter. Let's stand before the mirror now, shall we, and ask ourselves this: The person staring back at you in the mirror: is that the one we have been talking about up until now, by any chance? Do you recognize this person who is looking at you from the mirror, and who fits the picture we have been so graphically painting in the past few paragraphs?

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Gee. Did it hurt? Sorry. In case it did hurt, in case you did recognize that it is you who has been cynical and bitter all along, go easy on yourself. Doesn't help, this self-flagellation. But let's now try to change our mindset and our outlook and perspective and shift from negativity to positivity. Let's be optimistic and hopeful and positive about our destiny and our life, for a change.

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Good 'tis to have a wee bit dose of cynicism and bitterness in one's life. Some amount of poison never killed anyone. Prevents one from trying to plant one's feet firmly in the air and keeps one rooted to the ground. But beyond that wee bit dose, let's banish the rest of it.

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  1. This is so true. Everyone goes through tough times, for me the last year has been incredibly hard, where I've just considered giving up and going to live in the himalays or something, because no matter how hard I tried Ive been failing over and over and it got to me. Just putting on a smile and seeing the bright side of things helps tremendously, and eventually things will get better:) thanks for this post