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Alleviate Stress Of These Trying Times Through Journaling

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Putting Thoughts, Emotions To Paper / Screen Helps

In these times of layoffs and pink slips, with the wrinkles etching permanent lines on the forehead, worrying about where the next check is going to come from, worrying about how the EMI gets paid and the credit card bill settled, worrying about how the children's tuition fees are going to be met coming spring... quite easy it is to mope around, feeling anxious, stressed, and nervous about the future. In these times of troubled relationships, when the wear and tear seems to be grating through the delicate threads that bond, when we know not what is going on in the other person's mind, when we are just not confident of what the turn at the next corner holds for us in our life, whether somebody is continue to walk alongside or bid goodbye or simply vanish and no goodbye, just an SMS saying that it's all over... we can spend hours upon hours simply brooding and feeling sorry for ourselves.

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Dont' we do it? Spending hours upon hours simply brooding and feeling sorry for ourselves? Or, alternatively, we can spend these hours journaling. Putting our thoughts, emotions and feelings to paper, or typing them out on the screen. Venting it all out. This act sounds very simplistic. It is. And at the same time, it is quite effective too.

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One very good way is to carry a notebook around - the cellulose kind or the electronic kind, doesn't matter. And when the urge hits, simply open it up and begin writing. Give some appropriate heading before you begin, so your thoughts rally around that one theme. And then let the writing flow. Convert it into a daily habit.

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Be as detailed as possible in writing down all that is going through your mind. It could be anything: from the huge showdown with your partner last night to that cute, toothless smile the tiny tot flashed at you when you handed him or her candy in return for their singing. Don't bother if the pages appear initially to be full of junk. Just keep going at this very simple task. And when the task is over, close the book and stash it away. For the next day.

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Without your conscious knowledge, this simple (simplistic) act of writing begins to suck away the clouds of despair and brooding and anxiety from your mind. There is this feeling of lightheadedness, an immense release, which comes about when you confide in somebody who is very close to you. Somebody who cannot talk back or respond or proffer advice, but who is sympathetic and even empathetic in their silence. Somebody who is not passing any judgment about whether what you are feeling is good or bad, justified or unjustified, correct or incorrect, virtuous or blasphemous. There is a sense of catharsis that cannot be described in words! And you will experience it yourself, when you take up this hobby of journaling.

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Don't worry about whether the output is good enough or not. We are not going to submit your writing for the Pulitzer competition, nor is it going to be checked by your language teacher. Of course, after some time, when you look back and review your literary work and determine that the world deserves to know you better, there's no harm in converting your rambling into book form and getting it published. Who knows, the next year's Pulitzer Prize just might have your name written on it? Miracles can and do happen, ya know.

Pulitzer Prize Medal

May be you could use the format of blogging, like I am doing. Who knows, you might even get to monetize it! And begin to earn income out of blogging!

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