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Remain Alert Of Your Self-Worth Index At All Times

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Let Circumstances Not Dictate Your Sense Of What You Are

It is a known fact of life - our own sense of self-worth moulds and shapes not only our body, but also our destiny and future path. If we feel good about ourselves and about the world around us, this feeling percolates to every sphere of our existence. Our health barometer shows a good reading, our relationship barometer shows a good reading, and everything appears achievable and attainable. Yes, even in such turbulent economic times that the world is going through, circa 2008, we know in our heart of hearts that we will pull through.

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But the moment the self-worth index takes a dip, everything plunges. Something changes in our brain and body chemistry. An altogether different set of chemicals starts getting secreted. And the outcome is that we crave food - or we begin to hate food - and in general, start feeling depressed. A chain of events cascades, pulling further down the self-worth index. Things go out of control. The result? A host of diseases. And then we end up taking medicines that are aimed at neutralizing the chemicals, but not at solving the base, the core problem: Shoring up the self-worth.

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As human beings, we naturally tend to equate our self-worth with our achievements. So when we get a promotion or buy a new vehicle, we feel worthy. Or if we fall in love and the other party says yes, we feel good for ourselves. Think of any of the nicest things that can happen, and just watch the sense of self-worth zoom! But when the reverse occurs? The blues take over.

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This equating one's sense of self-worth with one's achievements is perhaps part-DNA, but definitely something that we imbibe from the environment as part of the growing-up process. The uncle who puts the gun to his temple because his business got wrecked, or the sister who goes and hangs herself to the ceiling fan because her lover ditched her, or the father who takes to drinking because he lost his long-held job, or the mother who becomes depressed and bed-ridden because she lost hers, ... are sad incidents, but are definitely not good role-models for the vulnerable psyche of a growing child. In the face of such crises in their life, instead of caving in, when they bravely endure and overcome their particular situation, then that would be a way of living that the child can take forth further.

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The business got wrecked? Fine, work on it, build another one. The lover ditched? So what, he or she didn't deserve you in the first place! There is somebody else out there who is more deserving, go look. A long-held job got taken away? Oh, then this is the right time to rethink one's vocation and station in life. There is no dearth of what can be done in this world. The Universe is benign, and all we have to do is to be optimistic, hopeful, cheerful --- and persevere.

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The message that the child would then learn, and this is something that we should be aware of at all times - is that our self-worth is not defined by our circumstances. Circumstances come, and circumstances go. This is the yo-yo of life. Nobody has escaped the yo-yo, neither the kings, nor the hermits. But what is in our control and in our hands is to remain alert and be always aware of our sense of self-worth. And not let some silly situation we might be going through dictate its value.

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