Friday, October 10, 2008

Keeping The Mind Healthy

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As The Storm Of Gloom & Doom Swirls Around Us

As the WHO observes today (10 October) as World Mental Health Day, never before was the need so acutely felt for mechanisms that can be taken recourse to, to keep in good health the minds of the individual and the community.

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Whether it is Los Angeles or Ludhiana, Boston or Bangalore, people from all walks of life are facing the flames of the economic recession that it is now officially confirmed we are going through. And world over, stress and anxiety levels are rising. If there were a stress -meter installed somewhere, it would show readings at a high perhaps never before experienced in this past decade!

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The problem is, stress and anxiety are just the first step that otherwise perfectly okay individuals take towards descent to a full-blown mental health condition, and very surprisingly, we don't seem to realize this simple fact. The subsequent steps can be any of the myriad pathways that can lead to any of the manifestations of the condition.

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Stress levels don't need any invitation to rise. We don't become stressed only when something happens to us personally. It is contagious, so when we read about a family-head shooting everybody in his household before turning the gun to his own temple, or when we read about some 90-year-old grandma shooting herself in the shoulder because the police came to serve her eviction notice on grounds of foreclosure --- we cannot help empathizing with the victims somewhere deep inside, and that is when stress walks in the front door and holding our hand in its hand, takes us gently towards the descent. The turbid thoughts begin to have a direct impact on our blood pressure, and from there on, manifests at the somatic, the body level. That vague feeling of fatigue? That irritability that doesn't seem to go away? The feeling of being on the edge? The loss in sleep? We gradually begin to be enveloped in the cocoon of some disorder that is ultimately our own creation. Happily, we can tear away this cocoon very easily, and all it takes is a gentle sweep.

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In such times of doom and gloom, actually in especially such times, it is of utmost importance that we be aware and alert of the nature and quality of thoughts going through our mind. For our own sake, and for the sake of the people who depend on us, we have to keep our mind firmly rooted in the positive. Instead of dwelling on the worrisome and the hardship and the dreadful, let's dwell on the delightful reassurance that this is a passing phase that every generation has to go through at some time or the other and that we are no exception; let's focus cheerfully on ways to overcome the hardship -- when one door closes, others open, you just have to persevere and keep looking; let's have optimistic faith that there is a higher force that we never have and never will fathom, and which is guiding us through thick and thin.

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This is not escapism. Not some wishy-washy namby-pamby mawkish sermon either. We are taking lessons in the science of happiness for our own benefit. For while there are certain things - lots of things actually - in this world that are beyond are our control, how we respond to them definitely is. Within our control, that is.

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  1. Hi there.........I really enjoyed reading your post and agree entirely that its definately how we react to problems such as The Credit Crunch thats important and how we deal with our emotions. As you say One Door closes and another One Opens!! Always remain Positive and The Law Of Attraction will work!!