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Obesity And Asthma - Go Hand In Hand

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... Conclusion - Control Obesity!

That those layers upon layers of fat around the girth and in the other places really do us no good has been confirmed further by yet another piece of news that links obesity with the chances of having to be hospitalized due to asthma, if obesity is not brought under control over a period of time.

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That these two conditions often go hand in hand has been known for quite some time now. (For instance, see this and this (both require subscription for full text).) The current equation is: If Obese, then also possibly Asthmatic. Though the reverse is not found to be true, however, it is a fact that a third of adults with asthma are also obese. And while children continue to stuff themselves with all sorts of junk food that their pocket money and doting seniors can afford, it has also been discovered that obese children also tend to attract asthma like a magnet attracts iron nails. The final word is not yet out on whether it is the feminine amongst the two genders who is the most affected by this combination, though very small sample research has pointed to this possibility.

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One over-simplified explanation to why the obese also tend to become asthmatic over a period of time is that the excess adipose gets deposited in the airways. And then there are reasons why people tend to put on weight. Besides the genetic reasons, prenatal exposure to specific nutrients and other biological factors that are beyond our control (how could we possibly tell our mother to not eat this, eat that?), there certainly are other causes to obesity that indeed we can and should control. The lifestyle we lead, the quality of food we eat, and the quality of thoughts we think - are some of them.

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A sentence ago you wanted to tell your mother what to eat and what not to eat while you were in the womb. So now who do you need to tell you all this?

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Being conscious of how much physical vigor we are putting the body through every day, being alert of what we are and what we are not eating, and also being alert of what we are and what we are not thinking, are some of the vigilances we can exercise to keep ourselves fit. Here are some good posts on this subject to mull over: this post talks about a software to keep you motivated towards leanness, the posts here give insights on thought management and this post talks about water therapy as a possible non-invasive technique to dissolve the fats.

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