Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cosmic Ordering A Specific Sum Of Money Into Your Bank Account

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World! Here Comes The Richest Person Who Ever Walked This Earth!

There was this interesting question posed by a member on the Self-Development Forum; it asked - "I have a question - Can you Cosmic Order a specific sum of money into your Bank Account successfully?"

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Ah. If only wishes were horses. The beauty of these self-development tools is that they pump you up with a lot of hope and fuel those aspirations that had all but died in the last tsunami of circumstances. The heart begins swaying with the emotion of "yes, it is indeed possible", "yes, it might just succeed", "yes, I am not destined to this life of detritus", "yes, I have it in me to overcome all my present conditions"... Now whether this is a placebo effect that begins to act, or whether something happens to the mind because of the intensity and positive energy of these emotions - is a debate that we will let the experts thrash out amongst themselves. But the net effect is: you begin to take control over yourself. You begin to take control over your life. And it is in such a state of mind that miracles begin to happen. The unthinkable becomes achievable. The impossible comes under the realm of possibility.

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So, can you use this self-dev tool called "Cosmic Ordering" to attract a specific sum of money into your bank account successfully? I wrote in response - "... The good thing about Cosmic Ordering is - is that when you place the order, you also begin to obtain insights on the possible routes for getting from point A to point B. These routes will invariably be aligned with your specific skill sets and talents. The insights will also tell you what shortfall in your skills needs to be made up so that your progress to point B is accelerated. ... All that one needs to do now, is to act on these insights! ..."

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The key operative phrase here is not beginning "to obtain insights". This the Universe is doing for you. The key operative phrase here is "to act on these insights". Many a time we feel momentarily inspired by some fleeting thought about some course of action (no doubt sent our way by the Universe), but the next moment we turn it down, because we think it is beyond our will or our strength to perform it.

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Perhaps, therefore, before ordering material wealth and wellbeing from the Universe, we should order for ourselves abundant willpower and abundant self-belief? That will see us through all implementation procedures needed to possess the material wealth and the wellbeing?

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