Friday, September 26, 2008

As A New Order Emerges From The Rubble...

A new version of the US dollar bill_*

A new version of the US dollar bill, circulating on the net. Somebody's creative mind at work!

... It Is Time To Reassess Our Attitude Towards Money

With such exciting (!) news from the world's markets and the US government's historic efforts to rescue their country's and by extension, the global financial system, it is quite natural to remain riveted to the goings-on. Indeed, every move being made by the government now has an impact on the financial well-being of every human being walking on earth, whether rich or poor. Every human being, except perhaps the ones who are not connected with the financial network of the civilized world.


Pictures of a tribe living in the forests of Brazil. Compared to what you and I are going through nowadays, theirs must be a life of bliss!

While the media tends to gravitate towards news of doom and gloom, as it is wont to - the more you play on the audience's fears, the more sensationalism and histrionics and melodrama you dish out, the better your ratings -, and while the present movie has not yet reached its final reel - there is more to come, I have a premonition some more shake-ups are lined up to reveal themselves in the days to come before the hurricane sweeping the financial system finally ebbs and some sanity is restored -; in all this madness a new order is quietly rising.

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Stodgy banks and financial institutions that were once mocked at for their no-risk-attitude and derided for keeping their balance sheets and portfolios free of dubious deals and investments have suddenly become the darling of both the investing community and the employee fraternity of the erstwhile hi-flying companies that have bitten the dust. These folks can be seen stalking the ruins to see what they can salvage at bargain basement prices. And they are now in a position to dictate terms - whether it is that once-blue-chip company or that once-blue-eyed-boy-or-girl. This is how the economics of the world plays out, has always played out - if one thing goes down, something else comes up, one person's loss is another's gain, the zero-sum game results in just that: a Zero.

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This also leads us to a simple solution to our present conundrum: we simply align ourselves with the new order! Work on the resume - highlight the skills and underline the talents that the new order-makers are looking for, build the right set of skills that are in demand in the new era - and slip smoothly into the new seat in the new company. I know all this is better said than done... but what has to be done has to be done. This is yet another lesson from the same book of economics!

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While the new order takes its own time to rise, it is a wonderful (!) opportunity for us as individuals to reassess our own attitude to the biggest source of turmoil and stress in our life: MONEY! Amongst all the causal factors behind stress in a modern man's and woman's life, it is this entity beginning with 'M' that tops the list.

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While realms upon realms have been spent on discussing the various forms of problem financial behaviors, the root cause turns out to be the ideas that got shaped in our mind about money while growing up. This reassessment will not turn back the wheels of time, of course. But it will help us get back on our feet faster than would be otherwise possible. And keep us alert enough of our actions and reactions when it comes to matters pertaining to the green buck.

One dollar bill - the real version_*

...And this is the real one dollar bill. Let's look forward to the staid smile on the face of this bill to be restored!

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