Friday, September 26, 2008

As A New Order Emerges From The Rubble...

A new version of the US dollar bill_*

A new version of the US dollar bill, circulating on the net. Somebody's creative mind at work!

... It Is Time To Reassess Our Attitude Towards Money

With such exciting (!) news from the world's markets and the US government's historic efforts to rescue their country's and by extension, the global financial system, it is quite natural to remain riveted to the goings-on. Indeed, every move being made by the government now has an impact on the financial well-being of every human being walking on earth, whether rich or poor. Every human being, except perhaps the ones who are not connected with the financial network of the civilized world.


Pictures of a tribe living in the forests of Brazil. Compared to what you and I are going through nowadays, theirs must be a life of bliss!

While the media tends to gravitate towards news of doom and gloom, as it is wont to - the more you play on the audience's fears, the more sensationalism and histrionics and melodrama you dish out, the better your ratings -, and while the present movie has not yet reached its final reel - there is more to come, I have a premonition some more shake-ups are lined up to reveal themselves in the days to come before the hurricane sweeping the financial system finally ebbs and some sanity is restored -; in all this madness a new order is quietly rising.

image by weirdvis,

Stodgy banks and financial institutions that were once mocked at for their no-risk-attitude and derided for keeping their balance sheets and portfolios free of dubious deals and investments have suddenly become the darling of both the investing community and the employee fraternity of the erstwhile hi-flying companies that have bitten the dust. These folks can be seen stalking the ruins to see what they can salvage at bargain basement prices. And they are now in a position to dictate terms - whether it is that once-blue-chip company or that once-blue-eyed-boy-or-girl. This is how the economics of the world plays out, has always played out - if one thing goes down, something else comes up, one person's loss is another's gain, the zero-sum game results in just that: a Zero.

image by bluepoetje,

This also leads us to a simple solution to our present conundrum: we simply align ourselves with the new order! Work on the resume - highlight the skills and underline the talents that the new order-makers are looking for, build the right set of skills that are in demand in the new era - and slip smoothly into the new seat in the new company. I know all this is better said than done... but what has to be done has to be done. This is yet another lesson from the same book of economics!

image by srbichara,

While the new order takes its own time to rise, it is a wonderful (!) opportunity for us as individuals to reassess our own attitude to the biggest source of turmoil and stress in our life: MONEY! Amongst all the causal factors behind stress in a modern man's and woman's life, it is this entity beginning with 'M' that tops the list.

image by mompes,

While realms upon realms have been spent on discussing the various forms of problem financial behaviors, the root cause turns out to be the ideas that got shaped in our mind about money while growing up. This reassessment will not turn back the wheels of time, of course. But it will help us get back on our feet faster than would be otherwise possible. And keep us alert enough of our actions and reactions when it comes to matters pertaining to the green buck.

One dollar bill - the real version_*

...And this is the real one dollar bill. Let's look forward to the staid smile on the face of this bill to be restored!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Structures Are Meant ... To Crumble

image by andres_ol, sxc.hu_*

* Mayan ruins in Tonina,Chiapas, Mexico

New Structures Are Struggling To Rise

The year 2008 will not be forgotten in a hurry. The omens hinted at "interesting" times at the beginning of the year itself. And as we entered deeper into its months and weeks and days, we have seen structure after structure crumble. While the Hadron collider proved to be a non-event - much ado about nothing actually, well at least for the time being and let's wait for the actual collision to occur -, look around you, and you will see the dust and the debris and the detritus everywhere, of structures that were old and established, venerated and celebrated.


An Associated Press clip on YouTube - AIG bailout with a USD 85 billion infusion by US Govt.

Easy it is for anybody to deride the men and women who were supposed to have been bulwarks against the eventuality of these crumbles. It is quite obvious that these people are now knee-jerk reacting to the unfolding events, and there is no sign, as yet, that they have got on top of things and are in control. The scene right at this moment resembles a horse rider who has been yanked off the saddle, reins having slipped away from the hands long ago, the rider's one foot in one stirrup, the rest of the body being dragged on the ground, the horse wildly galloping to god-knows-where. And the rest of the world, jaw dropped, eyes unblinkingly-wide-open in horror, wringing hands, watches helplessly, wondering where it will end, and when the rider will get back into the saddle, if at all. The problem is not eased by the fact that there are these other horses on the ground, and all their girth straps are inter-connected, so if one horse goes wild and throws off its rider, the other horses panic too and follow suit in one massive synchronized failure.

The Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, DC - wiki_*

The imposing structure of Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, DC, courtesy wiki. In the eye of the present storm.

So is AIG going to be the last bailout? Fingers are already pointing towards the likes of Washington Mutual, and somebody is already eyeing to buy it, in case it becomes available for sale. As I type this out, Dow Jones industrials has dropped more than 200 points. Shares of AIG have fallen by half.

Washington Mutual Branch office in San Jose, California - wiki_*

Washington Mutual Branch office in San Jose, CA. In a few days' (hours'?) time, we will know whether WaMu will be required to be bought by yet another bank in yet another bailout process.

This crumbling of structures is not happening in financial markets alone. It is there everywhere, even if the manifestations are not so stark and explicit like the electronic trading board of a stock exchange. Social mores are changing. Definitions of what is acceptable and what is not are shifting. What was shocking and taboo and prohibited a few days ago has now become passe. Conservatism is taking a battering as never before - and yesterday's radicalism is becoming today's hidebound and dogma.

image by bizior,

What this all means - is that we are experiencing change and churn at a scale that our present set of generations has never known. I wouldn't say we are "paying a price for evolution" - but we are definitely evolving, yes. And whatever new world will emerge when the change and the churn subsides, will definitely be for our individual and collective good. Meanwhile, if we are really, really alert, we can actually take advantage of this downturn and use it to transform our life.

image by andres_ol,
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cosmic Ordering A Specific Sum Of Money Into Your Bank Account

image by barunpatro,

World! Here Comes The Richest Person Who Ever Walked This Earth!

There was this interesting question posed by a member on the Self-Development Forum; it asked - "I have a question - Can you Cosmic Order a specific sum of money into your Bank Account successfully?"

image by kgdsgn,

Ah. If only wishes were horses. The beauty of these self-development tools is that they pump you up with a lot of hope and fuel those aspirations that had all but died in the last tsunami of circumstances. The heart begins swaying with the emotion of "yes, it is indeed possible", "yes, it might just succeed", "yes, I am not destined to this life of detritus", "yes, I have it in me to overcome all my present conditions"... Now whether this is a placebo effect that begins to act, or whether something happens to the mind because of the intensity and positive energy of these emotions - is a debate that we will let the experts thrash out amongst themselves. But the net effect is: you begin to take control over yourself. You begin to take control over your life. And it is in such a state of mind that miracles begin to happen. The unthinkable becomes achievable. The impossible comes under the realm of possibility.

image by sundesigns,

So, can you use this self-dev tool called "Cosmic Ordering" to attract a specific sum of money into your bank account successfully? I wrote in response - "... The good thing about Cosmic Ordering is - is that when you place the order, you also begin to obtain insights on the possible routes for getting from point A to point B. These routes will invariably be aligned with your specific skill sets and talents. The insights will also tell you what shortfall in your skills needs to be made up so that your progress to point B is accelerated. ... All that one needs to do now, is to act on these insights! ..."

image by angel-13,

The key operative phrase here is not beginning "to obtain insights". This the Universe is doing for you. The key operative phrase here is "to act on these insights". Many a time we feel momentarily inspired by some fleeting thought about some course of action (no doubt sent our way by the Universe), but the next moment we turn it down, because we think it is beyond our will or our strength to perform it.

image by woodsy,

Perhaps, therefore, before ordering material wealth and wellbeing from the Universe, we should order for ourselves abundant willpower and abundant self-belief? That will see us through all implementation procedures needed to possess the material wealth and the wellbeing?

image by woodsy,
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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Obesity And Asthma - Go Hand In Hand

image by nubuck,

... Conclusion - Control Obesity!

That those layers upon layers of fat around the girth and in the other places really do us no good has been confirmed further by yet another piece of news that links obesity with the chances of having to be hospitalized due to asthma, if obesity is not brought under control over a period of time.

image by saine,

That these two conditions often go hand in hand has been known for quite some time now. (For instance, see this and this (both require subscription for full text).) The current equation is: If Obese, then also possibly Asthmatic. Though the reverse is not found to be true, however, it is a fact that a third of adults with asthma are also obese. And while children continue to stuff themselves with all sorts of junk food that their pocket money and doting seniors can afford, it has also been discovered that obese children also tend to attract asthma like a magnet attracts iron nails. The final word is not yet out on whether it is the feminine amongst the two genders who is the most affected by this combination, though very small sample research has pointed to this possibility.

image by dawnallynn,

One over-simplified explanation to why the obese also tend to become asthmatic over a period of time is that the excess adipose gets deposited in the airways. And then there are reasons why people tend to put on weight. Besides the genetic reasons, prenatal exposure to specific nutrients and other biological factors that are beyond our control (how could we possibly tell our mother to not eat this, eat that?), there certainly are other causes to obesity that indeed we can and should control. The lifestyle we lead, the quality of food we eat, and the quality of thoughts we think - are some of them.

image by lotushead,

A sentence ago you wanted to tell your mother what to eat and what not to eat while you were in the womb. So now who do you need to tell you all this?

image by ctr,

Being conscious of how much physical vigor we are putting the body through every day, being alert of what we are and what we are not eating, and also being alert of what we are and what we are not thinking, are some of the vigilances we can exercise to keep ourselves fit. Here are some good posts on this subject to mull over: this post talks about a software to keep you motivated towards leanness, the posts here give insights on thought management and this post talks about water therapy as a possible non-invasive technique to dissolve the fats.

image by egahen,

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