Friday, June 13, 2008

Say Hello To Peg Leg Chuck

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Meet The Youngest Entrant To The Literary World

He doesn't have an entry in Wikipedia. Yet. The present entry in Wiki under the name, "Dalton James", belongs to a 1971-born actor. But the way he is going, I am sure one day somebody somewhere will post an entry about him out there.

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Say hello to Dalton James from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Dalton is seven going onto eight, and studies in the first or the second grade at Woodland Elementary School in his hometown. And he has authored a full-color, children's paperback, "The Sneakiest Pirates", with its own ISBN number! Priced USD 10.95, the book is already available in the all the major outlets, both offline and online. The cartoon faces on the book cover cheekily stand out in the crowd of the more somber subjects such as "Community Psychology", "Mind over Markets" and "Personal Financial Planning" written by other James and Daltons namesakes - try googling his name on Amazon, and wow at the august assembly the kid is in already!

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The 20-page book's plot is about a father-and-son duo tracking down a treasure looted by the villain named Peg Leg Chuck.

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Sigh. And here I am. Last weekend, I deleted two whole chapters - worth nearly three months of effort - of my fiction work because I had woven in them a character which my inner critic now says "doesn't make sense, very superficial, distracts from the main theme, where is your plot going?". "Still doesn't have any depth in it, Sanjay. Why don't you stick to your software development and your systems analysis and designing and coding and support? Stick to manual writing and technical documentation, not creative writing. Who told you that you could be a writer too? This is just not your line, dude. Sheeesh! What an utter, sheer, imbecile waste of time!" No such self-examination, introspection, self-critiquing for young Dalton. He simply went ahead and did it.

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And there is another project - a non-fiction, in the genre of self-development. Two years, and the chapters are still at the stage of notes-making. And this young Dalton, he is already working on a second book whose title he has already thought of - "The Heroes of Googly Woogly", and whose subject he has already made up his mind about: outer space. Talk of inspiration!

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Though the young author's first book-signing ceremony was reserved only for peers at the school, I am sure there will be more occasions where you can join the queue to have your own copy with Dalton's signature on it.

Image of Dalton James signing his book,

Wouldn't be surprised if Oprah's people call upon Dalton one of these days. That is now the ultimate American dream today, isn't it: to shake hands with Oprah and appear on her show. And why not? Dalton, you deserve it boy!

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