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Rediscovering The Self In The Middle Age

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Its Only Now That The Reins Come In Your Hands!

If you are either on the threshold of forty or, like me, already crossed and left behind that magic milestone of age, then you will relate to what I am saying here. Celebrate, for this is true liberation time, folks!

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You and I both know how it was when life began. Till a certain age, we were so dependent on the others to take care of our basic needs. And then we were sent to school or work and made to study subjects or perform tasks without consulting us or without asking us about our interests. (As if we knew then what was good for us! :-) But that apart...)

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And then the hormones began surging, and we were motivated to do things that we now chuckle about or feel our ears go red about. Love may or may not have happened. Marriage may or may not have happened. Divorce may or may not have happened. Kids may or may not have happened. Career in a chosen domain may or may not have zoomed to the skies. Material comforts may or not have been accumulated.

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Having expended all our energies, not to mention our hormones, in career and relationships and material-comfort-accumulation, here we are. On the verge of or crossed forty. And we assess our present station in life. Are we happy wherever we are? Are we happy in whatever we are doing?

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If we discover that, yes, indeed we are happy, yes, indeed our life has turned out the way we wanted it to be or the way the world around us wanted it to be, then let us pat ourselves in the back and move on. And if we discover that no, we are stuck, we are tied down, that things could have been different, that we deserve to lead a life better than what it is at the present moment... then it is time to redefine our "mission for this life".

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It is quite likely that the earlier support systems have been withdrawn, so this time around there will not be anybody to lead us by the forefinger to some destination that may not be to our liking. It is quite likely that circumstances do not appear quite-so-overwhelming, because we have either become used to them by now, or because we have figured some way to overcome them.

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There used to be time when people would babble about somebody who one fine morning quit their steady, secure, nine-to-five desk-job and began doing something radically different: like joining a local music band, for example. Or someone suddenly left a thriving profession as medical practitioner to become a real estate broker. Listening to such tales, I used to often wonder just what it was that happened to these persons in the night before, when they went to bed. Did the Devil get hold of them?

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Now I know. These persons must have rediscovered themselves. They must have found their true calling in life. They must have realized that whatever they were doing; was not enough.

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If you have touched or come ahead past the age of forty, and if you haven't already assessed what you really need and want from life, my suggestion is to set aside some time this coming weekend... and conduct this exercise. The Devil will not get you; but you will certainly emerge rejuvenated.

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[Reaching middle age gives you that feeling of standing at crossroads. Here is one more thought-provoking article that dwells on this idea further: "At The Crossroads - Which Route Do You Take?".]

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