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Depression And Women

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Price They Pay For Their Special Position In The Universe

Whatever the outward poses and postures of men, it is of course agreed that women do have a special position in the universe. Everything would come to a standstill, wouldn't it, without them? Nature must not have had any hesitation deciding on which amongst the two genders be given the onerous task of carrying the race forward. And so Nature bestowed upon woman all the biological paraphernalia required to bring forth Life, and then rear it. And along with it, a liberal dosage of the right chemicals with which to execute the job smoothly.

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Indeed, their strength it turns out becomes their vulnerability. The way she is structured, it is oh very easy for the woman to multi-task. And to assume more and more responsibilities with a smile. A job where the boss has set impossible deadlines, or which simply sucks but there is no alternative but to stay put. A spouse or partner who is looking for the next opportunity to bark and spite. Kids, if they are around, who demand their needs be met _now_, her own needs be damned. In the process of balancing everybody's wants and needs, in the process of tip-toeing through life without upsetting anybody's sense of comfort either physically or emotionally --- somewhere along the way, she begins to lose her own sense of identity. Her own sense of balance begins to vertigo. Her own sense of comfort - at both the physical and emotional level - begins to get compromised. The sad part is that all this happens silently in the background, without her becoming aware of it.

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The result? NAMI, the "nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness", has recently brought out an e-brochure that gives facts that startle, but shouldn't be unexpected really. Women, it says, "experience twice the rate of depression as men, regardless of race or ethnic background." The document lists the causes for depression very lucidly: genetic, biological, psychosocial, victimization and poverty.

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Of the different intervention methods that the brochure outlines, the positive spin given to anti-depressants is disturbing. Wish the authors of the brochure were more aware of the side-effects of antidepressant medications. Here is one post where I have dwelt on the sense of unease amongst the researchers themselves about the drugs doing more harm than good.

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As self-developer, the only solution that I can offer to anyone who is willing to pay heed, is to try the free-of-cost technique of auto-suggestion. This blog and my other blog have scores of posts about this technique. I guarantee that there are no side-effects whatsoever. And it works, if persevered with consistently.

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Perhaps the authors of the NAMI e-brochure might consider devoting, in their next version of the publication, a paragraph or two on auto-suggestion as one very good CBT under the section of "Psychotherapy".

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