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Scripting Alternate Realities

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Be The Script Writer Of Your Life's Story!

It was a pleasure to be called by the young director to see the rushes of the new movie project. The auditorium was full of these twenty-something kids, all of them bubbling with excitement and thrill at the prospect of seeing their own performances on the big screen. Some of them already established; others on the way to make their own mark under the limelight. There were a few others whose role in the event was to critique what was being shown to them. I felt rather out of place amidst such a young crowd, but gradually they soaked me into the group, and I surprised myself by interacting with the same gusto and fervor as they were. The energy of youth is indeed contagious!

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As script writer for the project, they had wanted me to generate alternate endings to the story. This seems to be the fad these days: you have the main storyboard, and then you work creatively on how the story could alternatively pan out. What if the story ends this way, and not that? What if the two do not unite in the end, so it is a sad ending? What if the ending is kept deliberately blurred, so as to keep the viewer in suspense even while they walk out of the hall? How will the audience react to this particular ending?

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After receiving scripts for three alternative endings from me, the Director shot all of them, and there we were, finally looking at the four sets of what was essentially the same movie, critiquing and taking a call on which one will finally be released. (I am told it will be ready by May/June. 2008, that is.)

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While returning home, I couldn't help reflecting on what had been achieved. It was I who wrote all the four alternative scripts of the story. It was I who decided how the story would end - okay, it was a group effort. Finally it was I who gave it to the Director who went ahead and manifested the story into reality. Can't I do the same thing for my life? Why can't I be the script writer of my own life-story?

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There was a point in time, up until which, my life was scripted by seniors who took decisions on my behalf, deploying their supreme wisdom about what was and what was not best for me. Later these seniors faded away from the scene. From that point on, although I did take over, parental/senior supervision and monitoring and control over my actions still continued with the same finger-wagging intensity; this happened through the "inner voice", or call it "conscience", that would "guide" me on what was "appropriate" and what was not.

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Then one fine day it dawned that, oh my god, I was still on auto-pilot. "Do this. Not that. This. This is correct. This is not." Now why was this so-called "conscience", the "inner voice" telling me something that I did not like at all? Why was this dichotomy there in the first place? Why was there a difference between what I was doing and what I really, really wanted to do? Unless I took the controls in my own hands, I realized, I will not be able to fulfill the core needs that I had been seeded with and yearned for.

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So I began searching for all the shackles which bound me, inhibited me and prevented me from fulfilling my _needs_, and which were really based on somebody else's values and beliefs on how life must be lived. And began shearing them away, one by one, these shackles. That was the time when I well and truly became the script writer of my own life.

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Now that I am without bounds and on my own, what alternate realities can I begin to script for myself? Ah. So many umpteen possibilities open up. All that I have to do is to pick and choose the one that matches my core yearnings perfectly.

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I put down in a notepad file how I want my life to be lived from here on, keeping in mind the full and complete knowledge of my present configuration. Now all I need to do is to invest a lot of emotional energy in my script. Freud calls it cathexis. While the learned man inevitably develops this very potent idea along his favorite route of libido and repressed erotica, I choose to give it a, uh, happy spin, if you please. I simply pour in a lot of mental and emotional energy into my particular alternate reality that I wish to have manifested in my life. And with a prayer on the lips and faith in the heart, I hand over the script to the Greatest Director Of Them All.

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And what does the GDOTA do? In His infinite wisdom, He simply evaluates whether my script is in harmony with the need that He had seeded in me from my first incarnation onward, and having satisfied Himself, proceeds to shoot the film. Hey presto! I begin to live my new alternate reality!

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What if my alternate reality requires the contribution of some other individual - or group of individuals - who I have no control over? Oh it is simple. This individual also has some script of their own - if they are not creating it so systematically and consciously; then the sum-total of their deep desires and needs becomes their default alternate script. The GDOTA simply matches, and if the matching is satisfactory, hey presto again!

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Tell me now; wouldn't you want to be a script writer yourself? It is simple, you see, first you will have to open a notepad file...

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