Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dark World Of Medications

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'Suicidal' Times For Pharmaceutical Companies?

Pharmaceutical honchos must themselves have to pop sleeping pills these days. For US and European governments are now mandating every new drug license to be given a "suicide rating" before the formulation can be released into the market. A cue which the rest of the world will not take long in picking up.

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It is now being discovered that just about any drug that can either affect the brain directly, or affect chemicals which in turn enter the brain, can lead to suicidal thoughts. The spotlight is therefore also on medications used to treat such innocuous conditions as acne, pain, bacterial infections, besides the more serious conditions of hypertension, insomnia, heartburn, and the like.

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For example, take the case of Rimonabant (brand name Acomplia, or Zimulti, as it is now known in the US). The drug is touted as a wonder weight-loss medication, also likely to be marketed for cardiovascular cases. As this paper reports, patients participating in a placebo-controlled trial had to discontinue this drug due to depressed mood disorders, anxiety, headache, dizziness etc. Interestingly, the study was conducted on patients drawn from European countries, and after its publication, is still being sold in Europe (as of March / April 2008), though the application for selling it in the US has been withdrawn. Height of cynicism?

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Also cynical are practitioners known to routinely prescribe anti-depressants along with drugs that are known to cause depression as side-effect. And there is apparently a tale hanging around the usage of these anti-depressants too, for instead of solving the problem, there are reports that they actually aggravate suicidal tendencies. Ho hum.

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I cannot help feeling a sense of deja vu over this turn of events. In quite a few posts on my other blog, I have consistently decried the fad of popping pills for instant nirvana. Science presently is still not equipped enough to understand the complex and delicate interplay of chemicals in the cauldron called the brain. The feeling is that we are being used as guinea pig to conduct trial and error experiments with drugs - okay, if that doesn't work, then how about this? The only gain in the short run is to the companies manufacturing the drugs. But what about you and me? We get only one body in a lifetime. Why should we waste it away on silly experiments that the good doctors want to conduct?

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As self-developer, my view is that most diseases afflicting us are a direct somatization of the thoughts that we continuously hold in our mind. And therefore the cure to the diseases lies in thought management. We invite diseases by our thoughts. And we can cure them again by correcting our thoughts.

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Ah. But this is a lone voice in the wilderness. It will take a major disaster in the guinea pig theater for the world to veer around to this view.

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  1. Good to find your blog...Excellent Artcles.


  2. Yes, our thoughts and feelings, assumptions and attitudes leave energetic imprints that interfere with our body's ability to maintain health ... for more information go to and check into techniques for enhancing health and removing those interferences accumulated over time.

  3. DEAR, I could KISS YOU.... hahha !

    there I am an "Advanced EFT Therapist" (Emotional Freedom Technique) it's called and this "deals " with people "deep unsolved problems and believing" in there UNCONSCIOUS MIND,
    I can only agree here with all you said !!!!
    It is sad... that so many people following still the OLD PATTERN and
    in a very narrow minded Believe-System, so "Others"...
    told them and "wash" there brains still today as Centuries before !!

    I mean, look how many people get "killed" legaly with this DRUGS !

    I am maybe a "BIG Health freak ", always was and will be and believe in NATURE HEALING as Self-Healing also ONLY , but I am 56 now and refuse tot take ANY PILLS !!

    I enjoy a absolute healthy body !!

    There is some what makes me sad always and even little upset...
    that most people complaning always, "feel sorry" for them self and searching for people who "feel sorry" for and with them more !
    Instead to be willing to make some changes in there Life and Habits !

    They stuck with there "old life styles and acting" and expect some "Happy miracles" showing up !!


    It is lots here, I talk maybe to much..... but GUYS.... I had to get it out of my mind and soul !!!

    When anyone also wish to know about wonderful NATURE STUFF for supporting the body , go to here.
    I thank "God" since I found this !